4 Fun (and Printable!) Cooking Crossword Puzzles

Test your slicing, dicing, searing, and seasoning knowledge with these four cooking crosswords. Each one is downloadable, which means you can easily print and tackle one-by-one. And if you’re stuck, all the answers are here, too!  First Food Crossword DOWN: 1. If it’s not a corn tortilla, it’s FLOUR. 2. When you AERATE wine, you let air hit it — to learn more about this (and HelloFresh’s very only Wine Club, click here). 3. The KIWI is a fruit that’s emerald green on the inside and fuzzy on the outside. Cook with it to make salsa, guac, or even popsicles. 4. FATTOUSH is a Middle Eastern version of the Italian panzanella. Taste it for yourself by whipping up this Fattoush … Continue reading 4 Fun (and Printable!) Cooking Crossword Puzzles