QUIZ: What Does Your Cooking Style Say About Your Love Language? February 21, 2018

by Lifestyle

Discover how your slicing, dicing, and whisking habits correlate with your go-to love language. Because if there’s anything better than a single day of romance, it’s a month-long routine of it. 

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How do you show your love? You may be surprised to learn that not everyone “speaks” the same language when it comes to date night. In fact, according to researchers, everyone has one primary and one secondary way to give and receive emotional love from the following list of five languages.

1. Words of Affirmation

When someone you love spends the time to cook you a delicious meal, you’ll be the first to extend a verbal “thank you.” Because at the end of the day, words are the most powerful way for you to communicate your love and appreciation.

2. Quality Time

When it comes to dinner, you give your special someone undivided attention and expect the same in return. No half watching Netflix, no peeking at your social media feed, and definitely no picking up the phone. Time is a precious commodity, and you want to savor every moment.

3. Receiving Gifts

Words of affirmation are nice, but receiving something tangible is even better. This doesn’t mean you’re materialistic; it just means you appreciate a thoughtful present. And hey, who can blame you? A wrapped present would be the cherry on top of a home-cooked dinner.

4. Acts of Service

For you, actions always, always speak louder than words. In fact, there’s nothing more romantic than cooking a delicious, home-cooked dinner for someone you love. And even if you’re not the one cooking, you’ll definitely be in the kitchen to lend a helping hand.

5. Physical Touch

To show a special someone how much you care, you always turn to re-affirming physical contact. Doesn’t mean you’re an over-the-top PDA’er, but you do like to hold hands, give out big bear hugs, and sneak in a smooch every now and then.

Wondering what love language you speak? Answer these five questions about your cooking style, and we’ll tell you!

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Fani Malik says:

Yum!!! This looks so good.

Stephanie Morris says:

Hey Hello Fresh People Cookers!

I am digging this plan! The food is fresh like the name: All ingredients down to the spices and fresh herbs, This is fantastic! The only thing I had to figure out was the delivery for me. My three meals last me longer than a week. I am one person, but my room mate eats, sometimes. So I only need meals delivered every three to four weeks. I had some difficulty with figuring out how to skip a week and order ONLY when I needed the meals.
I don’t want to waste these beautiful meals. I like calling customer service over the chat.
I find chat people in general type slowly and it is annoying waiting for them to respond.
So, now I think I have the delivery date changes under my belt and I can be ABSOLUTE;LY HAPPY WITH HELLOFRESH! Thank so much

Jacqueline Parisi says:

So happy to hear that, Stephanie! Skipping deliveries is easy with the app as well, so if you don’t have that, we’d definitely recommend downloading it.

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