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10 Ways to Repurpose Leftover Fresh Herbs

Tips & Tricks July 28, 2020

Don’t let those fresh herbs go to waste! 

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Lynn says:

Infuse in TITO’s Vodka!

Jordan Schultz says:

This is the only right answer!

Davis Dassori says:

Sorry, but pesto made with anything but basil and pine nuts is sacrilege in my family. I still have the marble mortar and big wooden pestle that my Genoese great-grandmother brought with her from Italy in 1868.

That said, I’m going to try the cilantro recipe and go to Confession afterwards.

Janet says:

Great article Jacqueline! You came up with some great suggestions I would probably not have considered. I agree with the vodka comment! I infuse with peppers, onions, citrus and herbs for more flavorful bloody marys.

Barbara says:

Herbs in oil = botulism risk unless you follow acidifying instructions for just a few select herbs, and only for refrigeration, not shelf stable.

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How to Grill (Almost) Everything

Eat May 12, 2020

Veggies, fruits, fish, meat… we’re throwing everything on the grill these days. Discover how simple it is to transform your favorite appetizers, entrées, and desserts into BBQ-worthy wonders just in time for summer. 

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Christina says:

Great tips, although I wish you had put grill temperatures for every food you’ve mentioned. Thank you, this was very helpful!

Jordan Schultz says:

Jordan here, from our community team. Good feedback, Christina! We’ll pass that along to the author.

Karen says:

Really great information. Thank you!

Linda says:

I loved your Hot Honey Chicken and so did my family! I would like to serve it at a dinner party that I have coming up. Would you be willing to share the Sweet n Smoky BBQ seasoning recipe? It is one that I will use a lot of if I can mix it up myself!

Of course, Linda! Here’s the recipe: 8 parts smoked paprika, 6 parts granulated sugar, 2 parts garlic powder, 1/2 parts black pepper, 1 part dry mustard, 1 part ground cumin, 1 part ground ginger 👍

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Want To Perfect Your #FoodPorn Photos? Of Course You Do!

Tips & Tricks April 23, 2020

Let’s be honest with ourselves—sharing pictures of our food is not only totally acceptable, it’s totally fun! So next time you decide that yes, you absolutely nailed (...)

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8 Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids

Eat October 24, 2019

These healthy Halloween treats are scary good. But making them? Now that’s not scary at all. The festive recipes are simple enough for anyone to conquer. All it takes is a little creativity, a whole lot of imagination, and a BIG appetite.

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Meghan says:

The apple monsters and jack-o-oranges are so adorable…makes me wish I had kids to cook them for!

Jacqueline says:

Meghan – these may be for kids, but we have a feeling anyone would enjoy them 🙂

sai carving says:

I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much Keep up the good works.

Great fresh food Halloween ideas!

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18 Genius Cooking Hacks, Charts, and Tips For Back-To-School

Tips & Tricks August 15, 2018

Teachers tell you not to take shortcuts, but once you step inside the kitchen with HelloFresh this back-to-school season, YOU are the one in charge... and YOU make the rules. (...)

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How to Grill Fish en Papillote (+3 amazing recipes)

Eat July 19, 2018

En papillote — also known as cooking “in a packet” — is a fuss-free and flavorful way to cook seafood. Continue reading to learn more about the technique sophisticated enough to be used in fancy restaurants but simple enough to work at home, too.

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Infused Water: Simple, Delicious, & BEAUTIFUL!

Eat July 3, 2018

Hydrate like a pro with our refreshingly simple infused water ideas.

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Sam says:

You are WONDERFUL ! Thank You

Jacqueline says:

YOU’RE wonderful!

Angela Murrell says:

I was wondering if you can put bananas in the water if infuse that banana taste? Please email answer to Thank you!

Barbara West says:

Thank you for this beautiful & sensible recipe. Those of you making infused water – PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY!!! You cannot overstate this as the possibility of bacterial growth, especially botulism, in infused water or oil if instructions is possible and the health consequences can be severe. The method given here is safe and in line with the CDC guidelines. Thank you again for a beautiful and safe recipe!

Jacqueline says:

Barbara – so happy you enjoyed this post!

Susan M. says:

Some of the recipes are gluten free and some are not. It doesn’t appear that there is a choice to go all gluten free. I have to be. What is your recommendation please.

Jacqueline says:

Hi Susan,

Ingredient transparency is incredibly important to us, and we set out to make sure you know exactly what’s in your food. While we don’t offer a gluten free plan, we do try to include 2-3 gluten free meals per week. All GF recipes are clearly marked as such, and you’ll have access to this information as well as the full recipe itself even before checkout. Otherwise, substituting and omitting is super easy, as everything is packaged and labeled separately. You’ll also see a full ingredients list and nutritional breakdown for each recipe on our website before you choose your meals.

If you have further questions about how HelloFresh can work for your dietary needs, please feel free to reach out to our dietitian Rebecca at! You can also email us at or call us at (800) 733-2414. We’d be more than happy to chat with you!

Heidi vanwyngaarden says:

You should be careful if you take medicine to double check with your doctor or pharmacist that any fruit, herb, or vegetable infused in your water is safe to drink as there are contradictions and dangerous side effects that may happen if taken to closely together.

Jordan Schultz says:

Good thinking Heidi!

Farasat Ali says:

Its a great idea to increase your regular water in-take which is obviously very important for healthy life.

Jordan Schultz says:

Quite right!

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A Guide For How To Cook Chicken Like a Pro

Tips & Tricks April 7, 2018

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of cooking chicken, straight from the HelloFresh test kitchen…

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Diana Eoll says:

Very informative. I thought I knew how to cook chicken, but I learned several new things with this guide

Jacqueline Parisi says:

So happy to hear that, Diana!!

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How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Eat February 6, 2018

The word steak conjures up many thoughts: juicy, tender, meaty, flavorful, mouthwatering – and yet many home cooks struggle to get it right. Fear not! With these 10 tips, you’ll learn how to cook the perfect steak every time.

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Brad says:

Great article with beautiful photos, thanks! But I have to correct you that searing does NOT “lock in the juices as it cooks.” That’s an old myth many times disproven.

Jordan Schultz says:

Interesting. Thanks for sharing that, and for your kind words, Brad!

Elizabeth Sherwood says:

I have had some issues with the steaks provided through Hello Fresh. I would love to get one good sized steak, whatever cut in may be, cook it properly then divide it onto two plates. What I’ve been getting lately are two paper thin steaks that are impossible to cook to rare with a sear. I have resorted to sous vide to tenderize, then I brown them quickly and slice against the grain to serve. Still disappointing. I’m avoiding any choice lately that has “steak” in its title. My daughter has the same complaint. Otherwise I’m a long term happy customer!

Jacqueline Parisi says:

Noted, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for the feedback. We take it very seriously and will be sure to pass this along to our culinary team.

Derek Dewitt says:

I’ve been put in charge of cooking dinner tonight so this is exactly what I needed. I like that you suggest letting the meat sit while it cooks a bit and absorbs the juices. I’ll have to try this and hope it the steak isn’t dry like last time. Thanks for the help!

There is a new pan i just tired and it was amazing. I cooked a ried Salmon and the flavor was amazing and was crispy crust like fresh out the oven. You can check it out.

Ryan C says:

I would not recommend searing steak with butter as mentioned above. The milk proteins in the butter will begin to burn and turn bitter by the time your steak is done. Put butter in only for the last couple minutes and baste.

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8 Must-Use Cooking Hacks From The Fresh Fam

Tips & Tricks January 17, 2018

Rule your kitchen like a pro with these tips and tricks. We guarantee you’ll ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that?” at least once.

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mary peters says:

Thank you for thee fun and GREAT ideas ! Especially appreciate the exercise tips !

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