Fresh Ingredients & Recipes Delivered – a Retiree’s Secret to Eating Healthier

Dreaming of a healthier alternative to takeout? Determined to cook at home, but too busy to plan meals and shop for groceries? You’re in luck! With HelloFresh, you get fresh ingredients and nutritious recipes delivered straight to your doorstep each week, so you can cook amazing meals at home in just 30 minutes.  Thousands of people across the US have already had their dinner time transformed by HelloFresh, and today we’re sharing the story of one – Cyndi, a retiree from beautiful Colorado. Take it away, Cyndi!

Before HelloFresh, my husband, Mike, and I typically prepared and ate our dinners separately. He’d usually just have a frozen meal or soup and I’d eat cheese and crackers or popcorn, whatever was on hand and quick. We also ate out or picked something up 2-3 times a week. But thanks to HelloFresh’s boxes, this has changed drastically.

Time for a change

About four months ago, I found out about HelloFresh. I was very aware that we were eating unhealthy meals and spending a lot of time and money on eating out, so I was on the lookout for something better. HelloFresh has great prices, interesting recipes and it’s convenient and easy – so we gave it a try.

When our first box arrived, we were impressed with the packaging and how fresh everything was. The individual boxes don’t take up a lot of space in the refrigerator and the recipe cards are a single page. Easy peasy! We were beyond thrilled and thought we had found the answer to our struggles with preparing yummy, healthy and inexpensive meals. I remember turning to my husband as we were eating our very first meal, creamy avocado linguine with coriander shrimp and tomatoes, and saying: “This tastes like something you’d get in a fine restaurant!” He absolutely agreed.

Discovering a new passion

I used to despise cooking and having to come up with something to make. Hated it! Hated the planning, the grocery shopping and the ridiculous amount of time I had to spend in the kitchen. So funny that I now kind of enjoy the whole process. With HelloFresh, the meals have been selected, the ingredients are at hand, they are easy to prepare and I know they are going to be delicious. I have even gone so far as to replace my antiquated grater, peeler and other kitchen utensils because I feel like a real cook now.

A part of our lives

We are still using HelloFresh and I anticipate we will be for many years to come. Such a great solution for retired couples who don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing meals and want to eat healthier. I have told so many friends about the service and I know of at least one who has subscribed. We haven’t had a single meal yet that we felt was just so-so. We couldn’t be more pleased with HelloFresh.

Ohh, we’re blushing! It’s so great to hear our customers say such wonderful things about the HelloFresh experience. To make it even easier for everyone to try it themselves, we’re offering new customers $40 dollars off your first box. Put your feet up and let us do the hard work for you!

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