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Rebecca Lewis MS RDN

Rebecca Lewis is the Head Dietitian at HelloFresh. It is her mission to change the world by empowering people to take control of their health. Her passions lie in getting people back into the kitchen, reconnecting them with fresh foods, and rebuilding their confidence to have FUN with cooking. She is a champion of nutrients and a world traveler who loves peanut butter. In her spare time, she enjoys Crossfit, the aerial arts, and yoga.

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Posts by Rebecca

Why Colorful Food Makes You Happy (and lets you taste with your eyes)

Lifestyle May 3, 2017

On today's edition of 100 Days of Happy Cooks, we're talking about the scientific relationship between colorful food, mood, and flavor. Our brains have evolved to associate the flavors of sweet, (...)

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MJ May says:

My first! Lovely. What do I do with the nice packaging?

Jacqueline says:

Hi MJ – welcome to the HelloFresh family!! The honeycomb paperboard is 100% curbside-friendly (same with the separators and meal kits). Take summer liners to a nearby recycling center. Trash winter liners. When it comes to ice packs, use scissors to cut a small corner and empty water soluble contents into the trash before recycling this plastic pack. And for the HelloFresh box – fold and discard with the other household recyclables.

anny says:

Hey I love the way you have mentioned red for energy and orange/yellow for happiness… 🙂 and among the white inspiration onion are my favs…

David says:

I can no longer eat chicken. How do I make sure my order contains no chicken

Hi David, thanks for asking! You are able to choose from 18 delicious recipes each week so that you can easily customize your menu. You’ll just want to select meals that do not feature chicken.

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Spring Strawberry Rhubarb Salad With Spinach, Mint, and Pistachios

Eat April 19, 2017

Step aside, winter fruits and vegetables. There’s a new seasonal power couple in the house that dominates with flavor: strawberry rhubarb. Continue reading for a quintessential spring salad recipe that tastes just as delicious as it looks. 

Read more

1 comment

[…] Spring Strawberry Rhubarb Salad With Spinach, Mint, and Pistachios […]

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Say Hello to Spring With Leafy Greens

Eat March 22, 2017

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but what about spring greening? Let the transition of the seasons be the inspiration to clean up your diet by adding more leafy greens to your plate.

Read more


Great info! I’ve been loving microgreens lately to get my green quote in! 😀

Jacqueline says:

YUM – we love microgreens, too!

Rhonda says:

I love salads and different greens. This would be great to add to your meal choices.

Jacqueline says:

We’re with you, Rhonda! Keep an eye out for some delicious greens on future menus. In fact, during the week of 4/8 – 4/14, we’ve got baby spinach, arugula, snap peas, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, and a whole lot of herbs in our recipes. SO MUCH GREEN!

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Easy, Better-for-You Brownies

Eat March 9, 2017

Easy brownies that are also better for you? Yes, such a thing is possible! Get the recipe below…

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Sarah says:

Is there a version of this recipe adjusted for high altitude?

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi there! Jordan from our community team here at HelloFresh. Here are a few general tips for you:
– Baked goods take longer to rise at high altitudes – be patient!
– Increase baking temperature by 15 to 25 degrees F
– Decrease the amount of baking powder
– Decrease sugar by 1/4 cup

Linda kaldor says:

I like the newsletter idea. Plus the recipes as well. Here’s a suggestion. What about putting in some kind of dessert ( not a piece of fruit) in the boxes? I’m a sweet eater and I know millions of us are out there! Just a thought! Give us a few more selections to choose from if you don’t like the upcoming meals. Other than that you already do a great job!

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Easy Ingredient Swaps for Dairy-Free Meals

Tips & Tricks January 25, 2017

About 65 percent of the world's population lose their ability to produce lactase enzymes after infancy, which means there's a whole lot of people out there seeking dairy-free meals. Continue reading (...)

Read more


Sheree says:

There are some things we can’t eat. like pork shell fish and fungus. I can not seem to find how to set that up. Is there a place in the web site that I can do that?

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Sheree! Jordan here, from our community team at HelloFresh. We do have pork free and fish-free (including shellfish) preference options in your account. You can select this when you check out. Unfortunately, there is no fungi-free option, although this would always be included in the ingredient list when picking the meals each week, and honestly we don’t use them all that often.

Monica Kulander says:

I have been with U for a very long time. Just lately I noticed that I could cook for 2 or 4 people but there are only ingredients for 2. Does that mean I have to purchase my own outside of my box if I add 2 people??

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Monica! Jordan here, from our community team. We have both 2 and 4 person subscriptions, and you can change your subscription type as often as you like, up to 5 days prior to delivery. You can do this in your account page, or by emailing us at

dale goodloe says:

I am dairy intolerant. I notice that many of your meals have cheese. Can I ask for a substitute like soy or rice cheese?

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Dale– Jordan here from our community team. Unfortunately, we’re not able to make substitutions for specific ingredients as of now. However, ingredient transparency is very important to us, so you’ll always see a full ingredient list before checkout. You’ll always be able to see which items contain dairy, if any.

Beverly says:

I am interested in vegan/gluten-free. Is there a lot of variety in that category?

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Beverly. Jordan here, from the community team. Ingredient transparency is incredibly important to us, and we set out to make sure you know exactly what’s in your food. While we don’t offer a Gluten Free or vegan plan, we do try to include 2-3 Gluten Free meals per week. Many of our veggie recipes are dairy-free as well. All of GF and DF recipes are clearly marked as such, and you’ll have access to this information as well as the full recipe itself even before checkout. Otherwise, substituting and omitting is super easy, as everything is packaged and labeled separately. You’ll also see a full ingredients list and nutritional breakdown for each recipe on our website before you choose your meals.

If you have further questions about how HelloFresh can work for your dietary needs, please feel free to reach out to our Dietitian/Nutritionist at!

A Lockamy says:

I have been reviewing your website and a few questions have come up. I hope it’s OK to write them here. If not, please let me know the best place to ask to get a quick response. Thank you for your time.

1).   Do you have anymore up to date or even later/ealier dated comments?
2).  Also, I know you say that your company is not quite ready to handle specific allergies,
but I am allergic to sour cream & cream cheese, I get bad migraines from eating
them. Only those 2 ingredients. I noticed a few of your meals possibly had one or the       other in it., Could you suggest a substitute for those in a recipe?
3).   If I am going to be out of town for a a week or more, is it possible to have my meals
sent to my temporary address & then back to my home address?
4).   What do we do with the containers you ship the food to us?
5).   Are the containers recyclable?
6).   If we return them to you, is there a rebate/refund for the packaging? Can the refund
       be put toward our next purchase?
7).   If they are returned, who pays shipping?
8).   I noticed all your meals are dinners. Do you think you will be adding lunches or
breakfast anytime soon? I could use some serious help for breakfast!

Thank you for your time.


~A Lockamy
Austin, TX

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab® S

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi there– Jordan here from our community team at HelloFresh. Our head dietitian has reached out to you by email to address your questions. Get cooking!

Rebecca Lindner says:

I really love it that you are sharing some dairy free alternatives. I have even made my own almond milk/flour cheeses.

Jordan Schultz says:

Great to hear you’re enjoying our content, Rebecca!

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10 Healthy Eating Tips for a Holiday Party

Lifestyle December 21, 2016

Although we set our best intentions when attending one holiday party after another, somehow we find ourselves feeling guilty after eating and drinking more than we should have.  

Read more


These healthy eating tips can be very beneficial for you.

Riya Panday says:

Hey, Thanks for the sharing your informative article on healthy eating. Right now I am pregnant can I eat everything from here or I need avoid some items from this list? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Jordan Schultz says:

Glad you enjoyed the article! We recommend consulting with a medical professional if you have any doubts about what to eat.

I find it awesome that you said that one way to enjoy a holiday office party is to volunteer to serve and wash dishes. In my opinion, one way to help everyone eat healthy at such events is to hire a corporate catering service that can cook balanced, scrumptious dishes. With their help, they can keep everyone’s weight on track while having enough energy to socialize and enjoy the night at the same time.

Nauman says:

nice informative content

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What’s in Season: Winter Edition

Eat December 14, 2016

Come summer, it’s all about the berries. And fall? Apples. But what’s in season now? Continue reading to discover three unique winter fruits and veggies we love.

Read more


Pamela says:

Brussels Sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables so I’m glad to see this combination. Can’t wait to try it out! Perhaps an addition to our Christmas dinner!

Jacqueline says:

Pamela – Brussels sprouts are one of our all-time favorites, too! That would make an AMAZING addition to your Christmas spread. Happy holidays!!

Marylou Clark says:

This is the best freshest and delicious food. We are learning to cook again a new way. We are both 80 years old and have no trouble following recipes.

Jordan Schultz says:

Such wonderful feedback, Marylou! Thanks so much, and welcome to our family!

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5 Mother Sauces To Elevate Your Cooking Game

Eat November 30, 2016

A sauce is the crowning glory of any dish. From the basic 5 mother sauces, there are literally hundreds of variations of sauce that can be used to dress, compliment, enhance, and bring out the flavors of your food. Continue reading to learn more. 

Read more


Carol Cunningham says:

My box arrived with one corner split from top to bottom. Doesn’t say much for the delivery people! I posted last week asking if there is any way to replace all the carbs with vegetables?

Jacqueline says:

We’re so sorry to hear that, Carol! Delivery errors like that are definitely not acceptable for us. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team at 1-800-733-2414 so we can get this sorted out. Also, customers cannot swap out individual ingredients from recipes; however, if you’re a Classic Plan customer, it is possible to select your meals from a wide range of options to ensure you get exactly what you want. Each ingredients is listed clearly, so if you want to omit it from a recipe it’s as easy as can be!

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Are All Sugars the Same?

Eat October 24, 2016

Hi everyone! This is Rebecca, HelloFresh's in-house Dietitian, reporting for blogging duty. You may have seen me cooking up a storm live on Facebook, but today I'm here to talk (...)

Read more


Lindsey says:

Thanks for the Great info. Can you provide the recommended daily amounts for children, too?
Thank you!

Rebecca Lewis MS RDN says:

Hi Lindsey – Glad you found the information helpful! The Dietary Recommendations of Daily Sugar Intake for children are:
Children 1-3: less than 25g
Children 4-8: less than 30g for females and less than 35-40g for males
Children 9-13: less than 40g for females and less than 45g for males

Sara says:

What about coconut palm sugar. Is it really better?

Rebecca Lewis MS RDN says:

Hi Sara,

Coconut palm sugar is basically sap extracted from the coconut tree. Like honey, it contains small amounts of vitamins & minerals and it also triggers a delayed insulin response, giving the body more time to respond to the sugar. You’ll still want to read the label though, as sometimes coconut palm sugar is mixed with cane sugar.

Everyone should really care. A recent study shows that increase in sugar intake is more dangerous than increase in fat intake. We even ditched white table sugar years ago and used brown sugar from sugarcanes instead since they contained small amounts of vitamins & minerals.

Rebecca Lewis MS RDN says:

Hi Tim,

I couldn’t agree more! Be on the lookout for updated nutrition labels which will show “added” sugars in any food items that require a label. Manufacturers will need to use the new label by July 26, 2018.

B says:

Great post! I haven’t searched the site yet, but it would be nice to have an expert weigh in on dried fruit versus fresh mostly because my Dad eats dried fruit like candy (it kind of is candy), and I keep warning him it is chock-full of sugar. I’d like to be able to show him something that explains it.

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