Donate Meals With Meaning This #NationalPhilanthropyDay November 11, 2020

by Beyond the Box

 This November 15, mark the holiday by donating with HelloFresh. “Philanthropy” may seem like a weighty word, but it really doesn’t take much to observe this important holiday. If you want to give, whether it be your money, time, or talent, you’re a philanthropist! Now more than ever we all have a responsibility to give back. That’s why HelloFresh has already donated over 500,000 meals to underserved communities in 2020. Help us grow that number by donating today with our Meals with Meaning program.

What is Meals with Meaning?

We launched Meals with Meaning to provide free meal kits to individuals experiencing food insecurity. Each kit contains HelloFresh ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards to make wholesome, home-cooked meals. We work directly with local community organizers who volunteer their time to pack and deliver these boxes right to people’s doorsteps. 

Being able to put food on the table is something many of us are lucky enough to take for granted. In reality, food insecurity—or the lack of access to enough nutritious food to sustain a healthy life—will leave as many as ~54 million Americans without enough food in 2020 alone. This urgent issue is close to our hearts, and one that we feel a responsibility to help tackle. That’s why HelloFresh has already donated over 500,000 meals to underserved communities in 2020. Will you join us?

How do I donate a meal?

Giving the gift of a home-cooked meal has never been easier— it takes less than a minute to donate one to someone in need. Start by going to the ‘Extras’ section of your menu page, then scroll to ‘Beyond the Box’ and select ‘Meals with Meaning’. Your generous donation will make an impact in the fight against food insecurity by providing food to those who need it most. 

What is National Philanthropy Day?

According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, “National Philanthropy Day celebrates the charitable work that everyone does to make a difference and create impact in their communities.” Each year on November 15, ~50,000 people participate in National Philanthropy Day. 

During a month when many Americans reflect on how thankful they are for what they have (typically over a big feast), it’s especially meaningful to give what you can to those in need. And while National Philanthropy Day helps to bring this important message to the forefront of our minds, it’s always a good time to give!

How else can I give back?

Spread awareness about food insecurity to those in your network by sharing information on social media like our Food for Thought infographics. You can also contribute to your favorite charities, or set up a recurring monthly donation—no amount is too small. (Psst, check if your company has corporate matching!) If you want to volunteer in person, search for local opportunities to help those in need in your community.

Remember, your donation makes Meals with Meaning a reality. Provide fresh food to community members in need today. Thank you for supporting our Beyond the Box program!

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