Food Trends We’re Excited About: 2020 Vision January 7, 2020

by Eat

2020. It’s the year we used to consider the landmark year of the future. Food trends have certainly changed a lot in the last 20 years! We’ve seen new industries emerge, been given access to ingredients from around the world, and even revolutionized the way we shop and cook (not-so-humble humble brag). The change isn’t slowing down any time soon. For a look ahead at what we could see this year, we asked our experts at HelloFresh. Here are the 3 top food trends they think we could see!

Plant-Based Meat

plant-based burger

Moo-ve over tofu, plant-based meat has gone mainstream! Beyond Meat™ made a big splash when they made sci-fi a reality and created plant-based-but-super-meat-like meat in a lab. Long story short: if it looks like meat, smells like meat, and tastes like meat…it’s not necessarily meat. Their plant-based burger captured our imaginations and taste buds before making it onto the  HelloFresh menu in 2019. We expect to see a lot more innovative takes on protein in 2020 and beyond. This is a food trend that’s well underway already.  

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

mocktail food trend

Okay, technically not a food trend, but we had to talk about the rise of non-alcoholic drinks! Not only will non-drinkers rejoice in viable options that aren’t water, but we’re also seeing the promotion of healthier lifestyles by reducing alcohol intake without having to sacrifice the social time with friends we love. We’re also seeing non-alcoholic drinks (sometimes called no-proof) with a little something extra, like CBD bitters and mixers. Expect this market to explode in 2020.

Everything On Everything

Everything Spice Food Trend

Bagel lovers already know the delicious flavor cocktail that combines to make everything seasoning, but it appears as though everything seasoning is taking it’s talents beyond the doughy corners of the bagel-sphere. From restaurants to street food, chefs everywhere are taking the bold flavor and using it in unique ways, from fish to salads and, well, everything in between.

Other Trends

Health & Longevity – Shifting diets to focus on these important aspects.

See More Sea Food – Seaweed, kelp, pickling, and smoking could soon replace charcuterie board staples!

Super Flours & Alt Sugars – Look out for millet, teff, nut flours, coconut flour/sugar, and pomegranate sugar.

West African Cuisine – The rise of super flours could coincide with higher demand for West African foods.

0% Waste – Utilizing whole animal, imperfect fruit & veg, root to stem, and more.

Fast and Fresh – With an emphasis on fresh, we could see a lot more food automation and tech.

Cookie Fries – Just look at them!

cookie fries trend

What are you excited to try in 2020? Comment below and tag us on social if you have any ideas about what we might see more of this year.

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