The One Where We Have FRIENDS for Dinner December 20, 2019

by Eat


Calorie-Smart Butternut Squash-Filled Pasta

She can’t cook (#TBT to that time with the trifle) and she had that terrible pregnancy aversion to meat. SO, we’re thinking something easy to make, lite, and without meat, but with lots of flavor. 


Garlic Herb Buttered Sirloin Steak

Only the best for Chef Monica! This Gourmet recipe boasts two of her favorite things: 1. A great cut of steak (which she didn’t “steal” from the restaurant) and 2. GARLIC, at least according to Phoebe. 


Plant-Based Beyond Burger™

It’s no secret that Phoebe is a devout vegetarian. However, she did have those crazy pregnancy cravings that drove her to eat “like millions of cows.” But! We have the answer to all of Phoebe’s prayers. Enter the Plant-Based Beyond Burger™. All of the meaty goodness, without any of the meat!


Beef Taco Pizzas

Beef? GOOD. Flatbread? GOOD. Cheese? GOOOOD. It’s no secret that Joey loves his pizza and that he “DOESN’T SHARE FOOD” and with this recipe he won’t have to… that is if he eats both servings on his own. 


Cauliflower Bacon Mac ’n’ Cheese

We all know how Chandler feels about Thanksgiving food (S5; E8 for reference), so what does Monica whip up for him the first time they meet over the holiday? None other than some of her “righteous mac and cheese.” Cheesy, gooey goodness with no connections to Thanksgiving. 


Chicken Cheddar Fajitas

If there’s one thing we know about Ross it’s that he can’t have tacos (remember that one incident way back when?) but he loooves fajitas. They’re his go-to recipe for those special double date nights and can be paired perfectly with some margaritas and second-degree burns.

Phew!  So glad we got to the bottom of that. Now, want to throw a Ross Geller-themed party? Obviously. Check out these 5 Colorful and Fruity Margarita Recipes.

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