5 Reasons to Love The First Dinner 2 Lunch™ Recipe May 10, 2018

by Eat

Join us in celebrating the official launch of Dinner 2 Lunch™ with this Chorizo and Beef Chili dinner that doubles as a Chili Burrito for lunch — on the menu the week of May 19 – May 25

beef chorizo-chili-dinner-burrito-lunch-dinner-2-lunch-HelloFresh

1. You only have to cook once, but you can eat twice

For the first meal in this 2-in-1 recipe, there’s a hearty beef chorizo chili over rice with all the fixings (we’re talking cilantro, cheddar, sour cream, scallions, and even jalapeños). But it get’s better, because the next day all that deliciousness, plus a few bonus ingredients, rolls right into a burrito for lunch.

beef chorizo-chili-dinner-burrito-lunch-dinner-2-lunch-HelloFresh

2. You’re not just heating up leftovers

Because let’s be honest… leftovers can get a bit boring. But with the help of some fresh add-ons that make an appearance only at lunch (in this recipe, there’s tortillas and fresh tomatoes), the mid-day meal takes on a whole new meaning.

3. The chili tastes even better the next day

The secret? Giving all those spices in our Enchilada Blend (chili powder, cumin and oregano) time to rest and mingle with each other. This way, by the time lunch rolls around, they’ll be best buds.

4. Lunch is easy to transport to work or school

When you’re ready to pack lunch, just slice the fresh tomato into thin rounds. Spread tortillas with remaining sour cream, sprinkle with cheddar, then pile on the tomato, chili, jalapeño, rice, and cilantro. Roll into a burrito and place in your lunchbox. Reheat before enjoying, and we promise you’ll be the envy of your coworkers.

Don’t want to assemble the burrito in the morning? No problem! Store the tomato rounds in one section of your lunch box (or in a plastic bag if your lunch box doesn’t have dividers). Keep the chili in another section, and the rice/toppings as well. Then, reheat and assemble at work.

beef chorizo-chili-dinner-burrito-lunch-dinner-2-lunch-HelloFresh

5. It’s just the first of many Dinner 2 Lunch™ recipes to come

Because starting May 19, these time-saving, two-in-one, deliciously efficient recipes will be on the menu every. single. week.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? DROP EVERYTHING AND SELECT THE MEAL RIGHT NOW!

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