5 Calorie-Smart Dinners To Kick Off 2019 January 1, 2019

by Eat

Watching calories but still craving big flavor? We’ve got you covered. 

calorie smart-HelloFresh-Sriracha-Chicken

It’s that time of the year when we all want to start… well… fresh. The only problem? Most of us mistake change for lofty challenges that end up feeling totally unachievable. We’ve been there. We get it.

But with the help of our recipes tagged CALORIE SMART on the menu (all of which hover around the 650 calorie mark), those small victories will be easier as ever to achieve — not to mention delicious. And before you know it, they may just add up to a new, fresh you. So keep an eye out this January when choosing your meals, and continue reading for a sneak peek into the deliciousness on deck for 2019. 

1. Presto Pesto Panko Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Green Salad

calorie smart-HelloFresh-Pesto-Panko-Chicken

Pesto: you’ve had it on pasta or maybe as a dip. But here, we’re spreading this Italian favorite onto chicken breasts, using it as a glue to hold down a layer of panko breadcrumbs before they’re roasted in the oven. That way, you get herby aromatics, meaty juices, and crispy golden goodness in every bite. Get the recipe here, and better yet — order it off the menu the week of Jan 12 – Jan 18.

2. Honey-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

calorie smart-HelloFresh-Honey-Glazed-Pork-Tenderloin

A honey glaze may sound like something that goes with dessert, but mild-tasting pork loves a sweet sauce too, especially one that has a few savory elements in it for contrast. In this recipe, you’ll be folding an extra-large drizzle of honey into a rich, savory pan sauce, then spooning it onto pork tenderloin (and the roasted sweet potatoes and green beans, if you like). Get the recipe here, and don’t miss it on the menu the week of Jan 12 – Jan 18.

3. Grilled Cheese and Veggie Jumble with Cilantro Chimichurri 

calorie smart-HelloFresh-Cheese-Veggie-Jumble

Trust us: once you try grilling cheese, you’ll want to find a way to put it in everything. Thanks to its high melting point, the cheese stays firm when you fry it in a pan. Plus, the heat only heightens its salty and savory qualities. Next to a brightly colored jumble of veggies, it feels positively rapturous, delivering bites of cheesy goodness in between bursts of tomato, creamy avocado, sweet potato, and herbs. Get the recipe here, and get it delivered to your doorstep the week of Jan 19 – Jan 25.

4. Tilapia with Scallion Sriracha Pesto with Ginger Jasmine Rice with Green Beans

Tilapia-Scallion-Sriracha-Pesto-calorie smart-HelloFresh

When ginger, sesame, and sriracha are involved in a recipe, you know you’re in for some fun and feisty Asian-style aromatics. This dish is no exception: it puts those ingredients toward a scallion pesto that has tons of personality. The condiment provides just the right contrast to mild tilapia, ginger jasmine rice, and snappy green beans, giving you just the right balance of flavors. Get the recipe here, and be sure to select it off the menu the week of Jan 26 – Feb 1.

5. Gorgeous Greens Farro Bowl with Roasted Zucchini and Asparagus 

Greens-Farro-Bowl-calorie smart-HelloFresh

Farro is having something of a moment lately, becoming a favorite grain of chefs and home cooks alike for its nutty flavor, addictively chewy texture, and high fiber content. Here, we’re nodding to its place in Italian cuisine (it has a history there that goes back to Roman times), preparing it risotto-style. To fill it out, we’re adding in bright lemon, crunchy walnuts, and green veggies prepared two ways. Get the recipe here, and keep an eye out for it on the menu the week of Jan 26 – Feb 1, too.

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