Celebrate International Women’s Day with HelloFresh March 8, 2021

by Rian Handler Beyond the Box
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    This International Women’s Day, we’re recognizing “how we got here” by honoring the women that paved the way, both here at HelloFresh and around the world. 

    “I may be the first woman to hold this office. But I won’t be the last.” A moving statement that resounded with so many. Kamala Harris recently credited generations of women who “paved the way for this moment” in her recent U.S. Vice President acceptance speech. 

    It’s important to take a pause and recognize all the integral women in our lives, especially those who came before us. To celebrate International Women’s Day at HelloFresh, we put together a special video entitled “How We Got Here.” It features a few of our very own employees speaking about the women who helped make way for their success. Each and every uniquely talented woman makes our team stronger.

    While the culinary industry has historically been dominated by men, our female leaders and employees are helping to create a more equitable future. Below, we’re sharing some fun facts about pioneering women in the culinary world. If you’re not already, get familiar with these fiercely talented women in food. 

    1. Way before Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsey, the original celeb chef was Julia Child.
    2. Dominique Crenn is the only female chef to ever receive three 3 Michelin stars.
    3. Cristeta Comerford was the first woman ever selected as White House Executive Chef in 2005.
    4. Alice Waters is a slow food activist known for making the “farm to table” movement kind of a big deal.
    5. Mexican-born chef Daniela Soto-Innes is the youngest ever recipient of the World’s Best Female Chef award.

    Be sure to watch our “How We Got Here” video here, and take the day (month, year) to celebrate all the awesome women in your life. If you’re feeling extra kind, gift them a yummy surprise from one of these BIPOC+ businesses here.