An Easy Fajita Recipe With a Delicious Twist June 26, 2017

by Eat

Next week’s easy fajita recipe isn’t just satisfying and simple — it also packs a wow-worthy flavor combo that really hits the spot. It’s safe to say that juicy steak + bright kiwi salsa = fajita match made in heaven.

Order the Kiwi Salsa and Steak Fajitas with Charred Bell Peppers, Onion, and Blistered Beans for next week and your taste buds will never know it only took you thirty minutes to cook ’em.

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Salsa is pretty much always a welcome topping in our book. But today, we’re giving a big green spotlight to the colorful appearance it makes in these mouthwatering fajitas.

The kiwi salsa’s tangy burst of citrus is an unexpectedly natural match for this beef dish, and it brings out the best flavors in everything we love about the meal. The best part? How supremely simple it is to cook.

Easy-season steak

The only thing more delicious than a juicy steak is a juicy steak that you pack with drool-worthy flavor. Steak strips get a healthy sear to fill these fajitas, but before they hit the pan, we make it super easy to season them by sending you our ready-to-use, custom Southwest spice blend. Just open the packet and sprinkle generously.

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Low-maintenance veggies

Once your prep work is done, the bell peppers and onions need nothing more than a hot pan with olive oil, some salt, and pepper. You can even use the same pan that you used for that epic steak — no need to get another one dirty. The beans will blister perfectly after just a few minutes over high heat.

Surprising salsa in a snap

The leading lady of these fajitas sounds fancy, but it’s really just a combo of some key ingredients: diced kiwi, finely chopped tomato, minced red onion, and a juicy lime. It’s up to you if you want to include some chopped cilantro or classic salt and pepper. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Select it off next week’s menu and enjoy this flavor fiesta. Because we haven’t even’t started talking about that moment when you assemble all this deliciousness in a warm tortilla and top with a creamy avocado.

Not convinced yet? Check out the recipe here and see for yourself.

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