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Professional Chef Shows You How to Grill Like a Pro (+7 simple recipes)

Eat June 24, 2018

Sun’s out, buns out! (Yes, of course we’re referring to hamburger buns! What else would you expect?) Continue reading to learn how to grill like a pro this summer.

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Ahaan says:

No one’s perfect in grilling except chef. This is a perfect point to point guide on how to grill like a pro! Thanks for sharing the wonderful tips.

Jordan Schultz says:

We’re so glad you loved the grilling guide! We loved putting it together!

Trudi Dido says:

My first shipment arrived today totally melted ! WHY?

Hi Trudi! It’s okay for your proteins and ice packs to thaw in transit as long as everything is arriving cool to the touch. Please give us a call at 646-846-FOOD (3663) if you need us to look into this further!

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