How to Grill Pineapple (+some addictive toppings) July 16, 2018

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The vibrantly sweet, tropical fruit only gets better with some char marks, so learn how to grill pineapple in a few easy steps and enjoy every juicy bite.

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If you’ve been firing up your grill this summer, you’re doing something right. If you haven’t felt so inspired yet? Prepare to meet your pineapple match.

Grilling pineapple is super simple, and there are tons of delicious ways to eat it. It’s great on its own (believe us, there’s no need to mess with it), but you can also put it in a salsa, add it to your salad, include it on your skewers, or crown a burger with grilled pineapple goodness — the possibilities are endless.

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Cut it

Going from tough, spiky cylinder to bright yellow yumminess is easier than you think. Start by picking a perfectly ripe pineapple and you’ll be all set for success.

  1. Lay the pineapple horizontally on your cutting board, and use a sharp cook’s knife to remove the top by slicing about a quarter-inch below the base of the leaves.
  2. Stand upright and peel skin side by side, slicing down from the open top of the fruit. The sweetest parts are closest to the skin just behind the brown “eyes” you’ll find along the perimeter, so try to keep your slices clean to preserve all that flavor.
  3. Once peeled, lay horizontally to chop off the base and cut fruit into rings by slicing straight down width-wise, thickness to taste. The fiber-rich core is edible, but lots of people remove it because it isn’t as flavorful or sweet. Use a small paring knife to cut it out of your rings, if you’d prefer.

Marinate it

Totally optional, but a tasty alternative to dealing with toppings. Toss rings in a big plastic bag a few hours before you plan to grill them and add a generous drizzle of honey (about a teaspoon), some melted butter (2-3 tablespoons), a dash of hot pepper sauce, and salt to taste.

We use this opportunity to make our own hot sauce instead, but if you don’t love spicy foods, try honey with lime juice and cinnamon.

Shake bag to coat rings evenly and pop it in the fridge.

Grill it

Turn to medium heat and use tongs to remove rings from the bag and lay them on the grill, spreading evenly so they don’t slip through the holes in the grate.

Grill until char marks appear, about 2-3 minutes per side.

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Top it

We’re going full disclosure deliciousness with some of our favorite toppings.

  • Coconut whipped cream: The thick, chilled cream from one 14-oz. can of coconut cream + 1/2-cup powdered sugar and lots of mixing. Add chopped almonds for an unexpected crunch.
  • Cinnamon brown sugar: Just sprinkle and serve.
  • Ice cream: any flavor your heart desires + caramel sauce. Mmmm.

There are lots of foods on our great-to-grill list, so now that you know how to grill pineapple, read up on how to grill (almost) everything else.

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