How To Create Picture-Perfect Fruit Roses April 16, 2019

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No matter if you want to treat yourself by trying something new, or just want to impress some guests, it’s nice to add a little pizzazz to your plate! Here’s how to turn standard fruits into sublime fruit roses!

Fruit roses

We’re about to let you in on a little secret: these picture-perfect works of art are actually a lot easier to make than they may seem—no need to be a pro at playing with produce for these fruit roses! 

Ready To Make Your First Fruit Rose?

Step 1: Cut your fruit of choice lengthwise, removing any pits or seeds. Make sure to remove the skin, too.

Pro Tip: Use your sharpest knife for thinner slices!

Step 2: While keeping the slices touching, spread them into a U shape.

Avocado fanned out

Step 3: Start at one end and curl the slices inward. Continue to curl/fold until you have a perfect little fruit rose!

Mango fruit rose

Step 4: Add that edible art to your dish of choice. Snap a few pics. Discuss the merits of a good humble brag from time to time. Convince yourself that yes, it is beautiful, but you should still eat it.

Kiwi Fruit Rose

A fruit rose can elevate any type of dish, from avocado toast to a simple fruit salad. A couple of fruits we love to use are avocado, mango, beets, and kiwi.

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