Happy Earth Day! April 22, 2016

by Tips & Tricks

We are SO excited about Earth Day! Not just because the term “going green” makes us think of a delicious HelloFresh box, but also because it’s one day where everyone joins forces for a cause that’s bigger than all of us. So, besides recycling your HelloFresh box (either the regular way or, of course, by making it into a spaceship to play with your kids), we have created a super fun way to celebrate today!

HF160405-R13_DYS_Seedlings 2_LowRes

This fun little project not only involves recycling and getting your hands a little dirty on Earth Day, but also leaves you with a fun windowsill garden for the start of spring! It’s quick, easy, and affordable to create!

HF160405-R13_DYS_Seedlings 14_LowRes

  1. Take 6 bottom parts of empty eggshells, rinse, and place them in a halved egg carton
  2. Spoon some soil into the shells until they’re full
  3. Sprinkle a couple of cress seeds onto the soil
  4. Using a butter knife, gently press the seeds into the soil

HF160405-R13_DYS_Seedlings 21_LowRes

Water frequently and don’t like the soil dry out. When your cress seedlings start to grow big and tall, re-pot them in something a little bigger or even move them outside if you have a garden!

HF160405-R13_DYS_Seedlings 43_LowRes

Happy Earth Day, Happy Planting, and Happy Cooking with your new home grown ingredients!

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