The Great Cutting Board Debate November 13, 2012

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It’s the great kitchen debate: wood or plastic cutting board? There are valid arguments for both sides, and we think it really comes down to personal preference, but here are a few arguments for each to help you decide which side you fall on.

Wooden cutting boards are preferred for their porous surface, which means that they are easier on your knife blades. But some worry about what kinds of bacteria is seeping into the cracks and grooves of that porous wood. Although it’s not certain how valid those fears are, as many experts say that any bacteria that gets trapped in a wooden board would die off before it is able to reproduce.

Plastic cutting boards also have a softer, blade-friendly surface (in comparison to glass or granite boards), and many choose them for their easy to clean qualities. Plastic boards are dishwasher friendly, and can be doused with hot water and scrubbed free of bacteria. Although experts warn of the safety of plastic boards over time. Deep knife grooves that eventually appear in well-used boards can be the perfect hard to reach hiding spot for pesky bacteria.

Regardless of your preference, the important thing is to clean your cutting board right after you use it.

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