Post Hurricane Sandy Tips November 2, 2012

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Nutrition Nerd Friday Tip:

It’s been quite a week for us here in New York and I hope you and your families have all weathered the storm safely. With the massive power outages throughout the Tri-State Area, we’ve been left with no choice but to survive off of canned foods and whatever restaurants may be open around us.

Without immediate availability of fresh foods, produce and electricity, you may be experiencing sluggishness and exhaustion from idleness and/or a lack of proper nutrients. For some, power may be restored within the next few days; for others, it may take weeks. Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips to stave off that lethargic feeling:

1. Avoid foods that have been sitting out or in your refrigerator for long periods of time. It’s best to stay on the safe side and opt for other options instead.

2. Stock up on healthier canned foods such as peaches, green beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, sardines and pumpkin. These will keep you feeling fuller longer and prevent you from snacking as much.

3. If you’re feeling restless from staying indoors all day, go for a walk around your block and get some fresh air. This will help you fend off cabin fever from staying home all week.

Most importantly, stay safe, warm and dry!

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