QUIZ: Who Is Your Spring (Veggie) Fling? April 28, 2017

by Eat

Attention all veg-heads! Find out which spring veggie you should be cooking and eating this season…

spring veggies-quiz-HelloFresh

We’ve spent the past month practically drooling over all the seasonal spring veggies – from peas to asparagus and even rhubarb. Now, it’s time to discover which veggie is YOUR spring fling.

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Faith Hoogs says:

All the veggies are so colorful and delish.

Jacqueline Parisi says:

Colorful veggies, for the win!!

Rwan Sabuch says:

I do looooove peas! Way to be. Nailed it. My husband and I want to thank you and tell you how much we love HelloFresh. It’s been a life changing experience. We love the portions, the recipes, the ingredients, and the fact that you seem to be environmentally conscious. I love that you don’t waste food by sending ridiculous portions and amount of ingredients. We love that the packaging is paper and not PLASTIC!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Jacqueline Parisi says:

WOW! Thank you so much, Rwan!! We love getting feedback from everyone in the HelloFresh family and will be sure to pass this along to our chefs 🙂

Brigitte says:

I cannot walk away from a fresh, lusciously plump, organic bunch asparagus.

Jacqueline Parisi says:

We’re with you, Brigitte

Audrey Waggoner says:

Broccoli is my least favorite vegetable.

Nita R says:

We just tried HelloFresh for the first time…We loved it!

Jacqueline Parisi says:

Welcome to the HelloFresh family, Nita!

Uma Mondal says:

Wonderful preparations by HF thanks for the fantastic blend of exotic ingredients and recipes from different cultures. Really makes my day when I cook Hello Fresh. Keep up the good work folks.

Uma Mondal says:

Food cooks same as pictured. Not only looks good but tastes good too. What’s more its filling too.

Cindy says:

I only wish there were more broccoli in my boxes. Wayyyyyyyyyyy too much zucchini. You need to incorporate more vegetable choices in your meals. It seems you get stuck in a rut with the same old veggie and carb choices every week. Please mix it up a little and give us more choices. For instance for each meal choice for a particular week all the choices come with zucchini, or all the carbs are roasted potatoes. How about mashed or cauliflower mash or anything besides the same choices with a different meet. Thank you 🙂

Jacqueline Parisi says:

Thanks for the feedback, Cindy! We really appreciate it and will be sure to pass this along to the rest of the team.

LaVita Santiago says:

We love salty and some spicy, I like seafood, he DOES NOT, he’s a me and tater man…

Nestor says:

HelloFresh has been a lifesaver. Great ingredients. FRESH meats and seafood. and most of all, fantastic recipes. HELLO FRESH, glad you’ve become a member of our family. Great to have the family involved in the prep and cooking. LOVE IT!

Jacqueline Parisi says:

We LOVE it when HelloFresh gets the whole family excited about dinnertime!!

Gail C says:

I can’t believe quiz says broccoli (ick). I prefer white, yellow, orange & red vegetables. My favorite veggie is sweet potatoes with beets a close follow-up. However, one of the reasons for joining Hello Fresh is to try new foods especially vegetables. So far all three meals sent have been delicious. Thank you Hello Fresh

Toni Valente Justice says:

Love some summer peas!

Barbara Glenn says:

My carb of choice is legumes and lentils.

sam says:

No squash, cauliflower, or eggplant. Love peas , beans,tomatos, & potatos.

Linda says:


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