Spice It Up August 11, 2013

by spice-it-up

Experimenting with new herbs and spices is a delicious and healthy way to add new flavor and flair to recipes. A pinch of crushed red pepper flakes heats up your regular marinara sauce, or a few saffron threads gives a luxurious yellow color to an ordinary pot of rice. The possibilities are endless!


Though playing scientist with spices in your kitchen is exciting, it’s not always cost-effective (those little jars of spices can really add up!) and hoarding a slew of obscure  spices can create quite the clutter in your pantry. Luckily, you’ve got our team of chefs at HelloFresh creating recipes that allow you to try out new flavors without the extra cost or sacrificing your pantry’s precious real estate. Since we send you just the right of amount of spices you need, there’s no wasting money on expensive spices you’ll never use again or a lazy susan overflowing every time you spin it.

This week, our Cardamom Spiked Shrimp Pilau is loaded with wonderful and colorful spices: cardamom, coriander and turmeric give the basmati rice a rich flavor and beautiful golden hue. Ginger and red chili add a spicy kick for a little extra heat. Top it off with some cilantro for a pop of green and a fresh, herby taste. The combination of spices truly elevates this recipe from any other shrimp and rice dish you’ve had. So say goodbye to your lazy susan, and give this recipe a try nice week!

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