Big News! Top-Rated Hall of Fame Recipes on Your Plate Each Week April 21, 2017

by Eat

Thousands of home cooks tell us when one of our recipes become their new favorite food — and we listen. The tried-and-true, all-time customer favorites are officially making a comeback as Hall of Fame recipes on the menu one week at a time. YAY!

Hall of Fame-favorite food-turkey-burger-HelloFresh

There are few things we love more than an all-star recipe. Maybe it’s the beloved, delicious flavors or the comfort of top-rated customer joy. Or maybe, it’s the confidence in knowing that the plate will most definitely be licked clean. Can’t everything in life be that satisfyingly easy?

Well, choosing your meals can. We took those customer favorites and knighted our Hall of Fame recipes to make meal choice as simple as asking your best friend for her favorite food from her go-to restaurant. Just look for the Hall of Fame label when you select your meals every week, and enjoy the expanded menu as you customize your dinner plans with this additional (and extremely delicious) option.

So, prepare yourself to meet the varsity team of HelloFresh, one week at a time. The cream of the recipe crop. The sure-thing recipes that you can bet your taste buds on.

You get the picture.

With months of customer feedback to steer us, we’re kicking off our Hall of Fame recipes by declaring these star-studded options the champions of home-cooking perfection.

Presto Pesto Panko Chicken with a Green Salad and Roasted Potatoes

On the menu for the week of May 6 – May 12

Hall of Fame-favorite food-pesto-chicken-HelloFresh

This super simple recipe is so popular because of its easy-as-can-be attitude. Plus, cooks can’t get enough of the refreshing, nutty pesto sauce that perfectly flavors the chicken. Get herby aromatics, meaty juices, and crispy golden goodness in every bite.

Meatloaf Balsamico with Sweet Potato Mash and Green Beans

On the menu for the week of May 13 – May 19

Hall of Fame-favorite food-meatloaf-HelloFresh

Sriracha Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Crisps and Ginger-Dressed Greens

On the menu for the week of May 20 – May 26

Hall of Fame-favorite food-sriracha-turkey-burger-HelloFresh

Sesame Shrimp with Ginger Scallion Rice and Green Beans

On the menu for the week of May 27 – June 2

Hall of Fame-favorite food-sesame-shrimp-HelloFresh

Look out for more Hall of Fame recipes on the menu every single week!

In the meantime, warm up your kitchen with another favorite of ours: only having to clean a single thing after we cook. Get hungry for these one-pot meals that’ll knock your socks off.

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Sarek says:

Great post and so looking forward to our next box and checking out what the “hall of fame” has in store for us. Honestly, we tried Pated, Marth & Marley Spoon, and just got our first box from HelloFresh this week… and we were blown away with how much detail went into the box and quality of ingredients. You guys are rocking it and we’re so excited to pick our next meals! Check out our unboxing here:

Jacqueline says:

So happy to hear that, Sarek. Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Szpanka says:

Yes, Sriracha Turkey Burgers is still my favorite of all-Time!!!! Love, Love, Love this recipe

Jacqueline says:

We’re with you, Debbie!!

Inger Sesock says:

Bring back the seared tuna, please!

Jacqueline says:

Noted, Inger! We’ll definitely pass this along to our chefs 🙂

Jackie Burgess says:

The food combinations are always a surprise…..they are fantastic! My husband even slows down to taste his food now. Also he uses Fitness pal & your calorie count is right there! Keep up the good work!

Jacqueline says:

LOVE that, Jackie. Thanks for sharing! We’re so happy to have you and your husband in the HelloFresh family

Christine Lewis says:

I love all the meals!!

Jacqueline says:

That’s what we love to hear!

Lisa Dove says:

What a terrific idea. It makes me so happy to chose and prepare a meal that I already know my family loves!!! We’ve only been with Hello Fresh for a few months but there are already a few dishes that I would really enjoy having again. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Is it possible to add a little dry ice when shipping shrimp and fish? It hasn’t always made the journey (to Tampa, FL) very well and recently I have avoided choosing any dishes with seafood in them.

Jacqueline says:

Thanks so much for the feedback, Lisa! We really appreciate it and will be sure to pass this along to our packaging team. Which HelloFresh meals did you and your family like the best??

Lorrie White says:

I could eat the turkey rellenos very week!

Jacqueline says:

We second that. SOOOO good

Melody says:

I never cared much about cooking before, but now I look forward to preparing these wonderful meals that are so very flavorful!!

Jacqueline says:

Isn’t it amazing what a little fun in the kitchen can do?!

Rebekah Northrip says:

I shared my Hello Fresh with my daughter on Sunday and she was raving about the flavor and wanted to know if it was a new recipe, so I said yes and figured that would be the end of the discussion. She pinned me down and I told her about Hello Fresh. She was intrigued and very impressed with the food, simplicity, and quality.

Jacqueline says:

So happy to hear that! We’d be happy to welcome your daughter into the HelloFresh family 🙂

cheryle says:

i love how fresh the food and spices are thanks for making me a better cook.

Jacqueline says:

Thank YOU for cooking with us, Cheryle!

Toni Valente Justice says:

Just prepared my first Hello Fresh meal! What a delicious and healthy choice for us. The ease of preparation and having all the ingredients at hand, made me a big fan! Thanks.

Jacqueline says:

Congrats on cooking your first HelloFresh meals! Trust us – there’s a whole lot more fun and deliciousness to come.

Shelley Betts says:

I highly recommend HelloFresh to everyone. I love the convenience of not having to decide what to cook or shopping. But most of all..the meals are great! I have dined all over the world and I would say these meals compete with some of the best restaurants!

Jacqueline says:

Well now we’re blushing!! Thank you so much, Shelley. We’ll be sure to pass this along to our chefs.

Steve Rockey says:

I love your food and the service. But I feel like I am committing a crime against nature throwing those ice packs in the trash each delivery. Is there a way they can be recycled?

Jacqueline says:

Hi Steve! We care just as much about our packaging as the delicious recipes that come inside it. When it comes to the ice packs, we recommend using scissors to cut a small corner before emptying the water soluble contents into the trash and recycling the plastic pack. You can also recycle the separator, individual meal kit boxes, and HelloFresh box!

Phoebe Hood says:

I have signed up to have one week shipped on Thursday May 11th as a trial. I would like to choose vegetarian meals, I don’t know how to choose, where is the menu? thanks, Phoebe

Jacqueline says:

Hi Phoebe,

If you signed up for the Vegetarian Plan, there’s no need to choose your meals! We’ll send 3 hearty, plant-based recipes with all the ingredients straight to your door. However, if you’re a Classic Plan customer, you can choose from an array of meat and fish meals after going through the signup process. Here’s how:

1. Click on My Deliveries. If you like the meals highlighted, nothing more needs to be done. However, if you’d like to switch one meal for another, click Edit Menu.
2. Select which meals you’d like to see in your box. When a meal is selected, the words In Box will appear and the circle in the upper right-hand corner of the photo will have a check mark inside.
3. Click Save. You will now see a small green rectangle with the words In Box in the lower left-hand corner of the recipe photo.

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