The Ultimate Hosting Guide August 22, 2019

by Eat

So, we’re sure you all know the saying “go big or go home.” But what if you didn’t have to go home if you didn’t want to go big? What if you could go small, too? Well, ya can! Whether you’re hosting a blow out banger or a small get-together, follow our guide to hosting like a pro! 

Grilling Box Serving Hosting

The party is just getting STARTED! We’ve categorized the different types of events you might be hosting into three groups, starting with a big end of summer blow out party to a smaller, intimate night in.

1. Big Blow Out Party

GrillingBox Hosting Party

Planning on hosting an end of summer backyard BBQ? Look no further than our Grilling Box (it serves 15-20 people)! From steak to salmon to burgers and more, our Grilling Box will be your one-stop shop to please all palates. Don’t sit on it though, it’s only available for order until the end of August!

2. Chic Dinner Party

Shrimp Cioppino Hosting

Our Shrimp Cioppino and Craft Burger recipes are perfect for hosting small(er) dinner parties. This shrimp dish in particular is certainly a crowd-pleaser. It’s part of our Taste Tour offerings — upscale, but easy to make. And you’ll really win hostess with the mostess if you pair it with cooling White Wine Spritzers

3. Intimate Night In 

Hosting Date Night

There’s nothing sweeter than a romantic night in with your loved one. And what better way to do it than with our HelloFresh Date Night Box? (It was specially designed in partnership with Jessica Alba!) Plus, it has everything you need for a dreamy dinner at home with your babe! 

Now that we’ve got the food covered, it’s time to move on to the drinks! If you live by the phrase “the more, the merrier,” then you’ll definitely love these 3 Big Batch Cocktail recipes. Some other fun cocktails are these margarita recipes! And if you’re going for a more classy, classic vibe, you can join our Wine Club and get 6 bottles of wine delivered right to your door! 

Get ahead of the game, and check out our handy Hosting Game Plan chart below!

Hosting Game Plan

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