S’Mores Four Ways July 30, 2019

by Eat

Summer and s’mores are basically synonyms.  This summer, try upgrading the classic treat by adding more than just a chocolate bar and toasted marshmallow.

Whether it be a family camping trip, a night in the backyard, or wherever else your summer travels take you, there is no limit to enjoying this iconic summer treat. 

Although a classic s’more really sets the bar high, we decided to take our dessert to the next level by introducing four new ways to enjoy the tasty treat.


Your childhood favorite never tasted so sweet. Combine milk chocolate, marshmallow, peanut butter, and your favorite jam between graham crackers.


Take yourself on vacation with this unique variation. Layer graham crackers with white chocolate, marshmallow, pineapple jam, and toasted coconut.

Nutella & Berries

Because everyone loves Nutella. Pile up graham crackers with dark chocolate, marshmallow, Nutella, and chopped berries.

Salted Caramel Cookie

Who said s’mores can only be made with graham crackers? Take two chocolate chip cookies and layer with marshmallow, caramel sauce, and flaky sea salt.

If these summer treats don’t make you drool enough, try these 3 easy no-bake desserts for summer.

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MaryJaneHoad says:

I don’t know what to choose, there’s sooo much to try👀♥️.i love s’mores, there the ultimate, everything looks so inviting, I want to GOBBLE everything up. Lol.Thank you. For your hard dedicated life, to helping HUNGER, it breaks my heart so much when people of all ages are starving. Another thing I would love to POINT out. Nursing moms, we have to find away in the world to get moms nourishment. STARVATION has got END, it imperative everyone has enough to eat and DEMAND/SUPPLY. It’s important.THANK YOU ♥️

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