3 Unexpected Places You Can Use HelloFresh July 16, 2019

by Lifestyle

We are well and truly in the midst of summer. As the temperatures go up, so does the amount of time we spend away from home. For those of you on the move, here are three unexpected places you can use HelloFresh, so you can eat well during any summer adventure.

1. Use HelloFresh In The Great Outdoors

Use HelloFresh while camping

There’s nothing quite like spending some quality time with Mother Nature. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, and a good campfire are three sure-fire ways to destress this summer. When it comes to lunch or dinner, ditch the freeze-dried camping food and pack your HelloFresh box! There are tons of meals that are simple to whip up on a camp stove, so you can eat well no matter where you are! The cherry on top? Our insulated boxes can help keep your food cold, making them great travel companions.

Warning: HelloFresh meals are extremely delicious. The intoxicating smell may attract animals, so be sure to appropriately deal with any leftovers before turning in for the night.

2. Use HelloFresh At Your Next Picnic

Use Hellofresh at a picnic

Chips are for amateurs! Fire up the grill or outdoor stove during your next picnic and tuck into some serious feast-worthy meals. Better yet, make a recipe ahead of time and bring a container of delicious food that’s ready to eat!

3. Use HelloFresh On Vacation

Use HelloFresh on vacation

You may be leaving the comfort of home this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a home-cooked meal! You can use our website or app to quickly change your delivery address (in your account settings) and have your next box delivered wherever you’re shipping off to. See more detailed instructions here.

So, where are you taking your HelloFresh this summer? We’d love to see even more places you use HelloFresh, so make sure to tag #HelloFreshPics and follow our Instagram! 

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