Intro to: Winter Squash September 24, 2015

by Tips & Tricks


As fall sets in, we are excited to offer you a variety of seasonal squash in your boxes these coming weeks.  So SQUASH your expectations and forget what you thought you knew about pumpkins, because we are about to turn your dinner upside down!  (But not really, because that would get food all over the floor).

Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a little, but squash gets us so excited for autumn!  Whether it’s going pumpkin picking with family and friends, assembling a gourd centerpiece for company or making a hearty Butternut Risotto, everything about this versatile series of fruit screams autumn.  From comforting soups to delicious additions to salads, squashes are sure to warm up your table!


Want to learn more about this seasonal ingredient so you’re prepared to handle it like a professional?  Here are some of our favorite squash fun facts:

  • Winter squash are actually a warm weather crop that is named thanks to their durability to be stored in the winter.
  • There are four species of winter squash, with pumpkin varieties in all four categories
  • Winter squash have hard, thick, inedible skin that can be peeled before or after cooking.
  • Winter squash are high in Vitamins A and C, Iron, fiber, potassium…the list goes on and on!

Each week this month we will be working with a new type of winter squash so keep an eye out to learn more in your next box.

Happy Cooking!

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