3 Ways to Amp Up the Flavor of Your Meals March 10, 2017

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…because “dinner” and “boring” should never be in the same sentence. 


Eating balanced and wholesome home cooked dinners doesn’t mean giving up on flavor. Trust us, we would never let that happen. And with these simple tips and tricks, you can boost the flavor of your meals to give ’em that extra “oomph” while retaining key nutrients. After all, you only get one dinner a day. Might as well make it count, right?

1. Don’t fear the (healthy) fat 


Repeat after us: fat is not the enemy. One more time: FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY.

Fat helps us feel full while maximizing metabolism and protecting against heart disease — all while adding loads of flavor to food. But keep in mind that not all fats are created equal. Stick to the ones jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids like avocado, olive oil, coconut, nuts, seeds, salmon, lean meats, and eggs.

  • Cook rice in coconut milk: In a small pot, bring 1 cup coconut milk, 1 1/2 cups water, and a pinch of salt to a boil. Add 2 cups jasmine rice, cover, and reduce to a low simmer for 25-30 minutes, until tender.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a garnish: Sprinkle some sunflower seeds, chopped walnuts, pumpkin seeds, or flax seeds on your next salad, side dish, or bowl of oatmeal.
  • Don’t shun the egg yolk: This one speaks for itself.

Get the most bang for your buck with this avocado, cashew, and coconut smoothie.

2. Freeze herbs in ice cubes


Herbs are the not-so-secret way to elevate your meals from drab to fab. And by freezing these gems in oil, you can have an immediate flavor booster on hand at all times as a base for your winter stews, soups, and roasts. Why oil and not water? Turns out preserving herbs in this healthy fat reduces the chances of freezer burn.

Keep in mind, though, that this works best with tougher herbs like rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme.

3. Flavor your salts


One day a few weeks ago, we thought… what would happen if we flavored our flavorings? Is that even possible? After some tinkering and toying in the test kitchen, we can tell you for certain that it’s not only possible, it’s revolutionary. Make salt work double duty by seasoning it with everything from citrus zest and spices to dried herbs and chile peppers.


Just combine 1 teaspoon flavorings (they should be dried and small) with 1/4 cup salt. Feel free to use your hands or, if you’re feeling fancy, a mortar and pestle. But remember, you want to incorporate the seasonings, not demolish them, so don’t go crazy crushing and grinding.


In an ideal world, the flavored salt would sit for a day(ish) before use to allow the flavor to intensify, but if some mysteriously disappears before then, we’d understand.

For more ideas about how to transform your meals from drab to fab, check out these five flavorful toppings.

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