60 Thoughts Everyone Has While Grocery Shopping November 6, 2016

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We have a feeling at least one of these thoughts has crossed your mind while grocery shopping through the fluorescently lit aisles. Just an inkling, really.

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1. Alright, here I go. Time to stock up.

2. This is going to be quick. In and out.

3. Ugh I forgot my reusable bags at home.

4. Look at all the produce! Definitely going to be healthy this week.

5. Do I really care if my bananas are organic? It’s not like I’m eating the skin anyway.

6. Why are these plastic bags SO hard to open?

7. How in the world does one eat a pomegranate?

8. Do red peppers and green peppers taste the same?

9. Spring mix, arugula, spinach, romaine, or iceberg lettuce? Someone please help.

10. Am I dreaming? Are the avocados really on sale?! I need them ALL.

11. Seriously CANNOT open these plastic bags.

12. My cart looks so colorful! Go me.

13. Will I be able to eat this all before it goes bad?

14. What the heck is the difference between all these yogurts? Should I get Greek yogurt or regular?

15. Why can’t the front right wheel of my cart stay straight?

16. OMG they’re giving out samples. I’M COOOOMMMMIIINNNG.

17. Is it socially acceptable to take more than one?

18. Doing it.

19. Do supermarkets clean the handlebars on their shopping carts?

20. Am I out of orange juice?

21. Picture your fridge. Is it there?

22. Definitely should have made a list before coming.

23. Do I really need four types of cereal?

24. This is your stomach talking. DON’T LISTEN.

25. The things I would do for a huge stack of pancakes right now.

26. The almond butter costs HOW much? Is there gold in there?

27. I’ll get two.

28. How fast do I have to run before jumping on the back of this cart to make it to the end of the aisle?

29. Ohhhh I love this song!

30. Seriously WHAT is the deal with this wheel?

31. Can I reach the salsa on the top shelf if I stand on my tippy toes? I can definitely reach that.

32. Nope, can’t reach it.

33. Do I really need it?

34. Ohhh! A tall person approaching.

35. This man just saved taco night. Bless him.

36. Can I carry all this up four flights of stairs?

37. I want to hug the person who created boil in a bag rice. Best. invention. ever.

38. I wonder which came first – white rice or brown rice?

39. Time to casually take another sample.

40. Just be subtle and no one will notice.

41. I’m freezing.

42. Okay paper towels: 30 double sheets for $3.99. 60 extra quilt single sheets for $4.50. WHAT is the difference? WHY do I have my iPhone calculator out? HOW did I graduate from college?

43. Do I really need GMO-free fabric softener?

44. Don’t go down the candy aisle. Don’t go down the candy aisle. Don’t go down the candy aisle.

45. Just gonna take a quick peek.

46. Ugh but it’s just so beautiful.

47. Is this artisanal bar of dark chocolate worth the extra two dollars?

48. Don’t want all this yogurt anymore but don’t want to walk all the way back to the dairy section. Is it okay if I discretely place it on the candy shelf?

49. No, no it isn’t.

50. Doing it.

51. Why are the lines so long? Do I really need to eat?

52. Please, please, please let there be a self-checkout lane open.

53. Do you think they’ll let me pass in the express lane even though I have way more than 10 items?

54. Umm, excuse me lady. Are you seriously cutting the line?

55. Please stop judging me for my lack of reusable bags. I promise I have them at home. I LOVE THE EARTH.

56. Nooooooooo I forgot milk.

57. Will the cashier hate me if I run to go get it?

58. Why is my receipt a mile long?


60. What am I thinking? I should have just gotten HelloFresh.

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