60 Thoughts Everyone Has While Grocery Shopping November 6, 2016

by Lifestyle

We have a feeling at least one of these thoughts has crossed your mind while grocery shopping through the fluorescently lit aisles. Just an inkling, really.

60-thoughts-everyone-has-grocery shopping-HelloFresh

1. Alright, here I go. Time to stock up.

2. This is going to be quick. In and out.

3. Ugh I forgot my reusable bags at home.

4. Look at all the produce! Definitely going to be healthy this week.

5. Do I really care if my bananas are organic? It’s not like I’m eating the skin anyway.

6. Why are these plastic bags SO hard to open?

7. How in the world does one eat a pomegranate?

8. Do red peppers and green peppers taste the same?

9. Spring mix, arugula, spinach, romaine, or iceberg lettuce? Someone please help.

10. Am I dreaming? Are the avocados really on sale?! I need them ALL.

11. Seriously CANNOT open these plastic bags.

12. My cart looks so colorful! Go me.

13. Will I be able to eat this all before it goes bad?

14. What the heck is the difference between all these yogurts? Should I get Greek yogurt or regular?

15. Why can’t the front right wheel of my cart stay straight?

16. OMG they’re giving out samples. I’M COOOOMMMMIIINNNG.

17. Is it socially acceptable to take more than one?

18. Doing it.

19. Do supermarkets clean the handlebars on their shopping carts?

20. Am I out of orange juice?

21. Picture your fridge. Is it there?

22. Definitely should have made a list before coming.

23. Do I really need four types of cereal?

24. This is your stomach talking. DON’T LISTEN.

25. The things I would do for a huge stack of pancakes right now.

26. The almond butter costs HOW much? Is there gold in there?

27. I’ll get two.

28. How fast do I have to run before jumping on the back of this cart to make it to the end of the aisle?

29. Ohhhh I love this song!

30. Seriously WHAT is the deal with this wheel?

31. Can I reach the salsa on the top shelf if I stand on my tippy toes? I can definitely reach that.

32. Nope, can’t reach it.

33. Do I really need it?

34. Ohhh! A tall person approaching.

35. This man just saved taco night. Bless him.

36. Can I carry all this up four flights of stairs?

37. I want to hug the person who created boil in a bag rice. Best. invention. ever.

38. I wonder which came first – white rice or brown rice?

39. Time to casually take another sample.

40. Just be subtle and no one will notice.

41. I’m freezing.

42. Okay paper towels: 30 double sheets for $3.99. 60 extra quilt single sheets for $4.50. WHAT is the difference? WHY do I have my iPhone calculator out? HOW did I graduate from college?

43. Do I really need GMO-free fabric softener?

44. Don’t go down the candy aisle. Don’t go down the candy aisle. Don’t go down the candy aisle.

45. Just gonna take a quick peek.

46. Ugh but it’s just so beautiful.

47. Is this artisanal bar of dark chocolate worth the extra two dollars?

48. Don’t want all this yogurt anymore but don’t want to walk all the way back to the dairy section. Is it okay if I discretely place it on the candy shelf?

49. No, no it isn’t.

50. Doing it.

51. Why are the lines so long? Do I really need to eat?

52. Please, please, please let there be a self-checkout lane open.

53. Do you think they’ll let me pass in the express lane even though I have way more than 10 items?

54. Umm, excuse me lady. Are you seriously cutting the line?

55. Please stop judging me for my lack of reusable bags. I promise I have them at home. I LOVE THE EARTH.

56. Nooooooooo I forgot milk.

57. Will the cashier hate me if I run to go get it?

58. Why is my receipt a mile long?


60. What am I thinking? I should have just gotten HelloFresh.

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TH says:

You should try it from a wheelchair!
Shopping from a wheelchair is an extreme challenge, as is dragging them home and putting them away. HF has saved me thousands of hours and elevated pain levels by keeping me out of the store.
We use the “Variety” plan and love to experience new flavors without having to visit specialty stores. We also love that there are so many vegetables and ancient grains, like this week’s Red Rice Bowl and the Quinoa in the Stuffed Peppers last week. Not only has it increased the diversity of dishes, it’s improved our health.

Jacqueline says:

TH – We’re so happy to hear how much you love HelloFresh!

Linda TM says:

Thank you Jacqueline, I needed the laugh (we Have been through an election after all) and I do believe I have said mOst of those 60…especially the “oh, a tall person approaching”! (^_^). Happy cooking.

Jacqueline says:

Linda – a good laugh was most definitely in order! So glad you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂

A Westfall says:

Why does all the produce look like it has been to hell and back?

Why does my bill always reach 100.00 dollars no matter how little I buy?

Why do I enter a time warp in the grocery store where every 1 minute is actually 10 minutes?

Why is 75% of the store actually prepackaged junk?

Jacqueline says:

Your comment about the grocery store being a time warp is SO accurate! Time flies when you’re strolling through the aisles.

Laura says:

61. Why is that lady, with 21 items, trying to sneak into the 12 items or less express line?

62. Where is the scratch and dent section?

63. I hope that today is Double Coupon Day.

Jacqueline says:

Laura – we’re with you on the coupons 🙂

Darlene Dunbar says:

I totally LOVE Hello Fresh! I no longer stare at my frige or freezerr for 20 plus minutes every day trying to decide what we are having for dinner tonight! My trips to the grocery store rarely last more than 10 minutes now (milk, bread, eggs, butter, olive oil…done!). I do have 1 question, how do I change my box from low carb to variety?

Jacqueline says:

Darlene – isn’t it amazing how much less time you spend in the grocery store with HelloFresh?!

You can easily change your preferences by logging in to your account, clicking on the dropdown menu by your name, selecting “settings,” and then clicking on “Edit.” Let us know if you have any other questions!

Donna says:

I know I have had everyone of those thoughts at the grocery. I have a beautiful pantry full of terrific stuff. Unfortunately I do the stare in there all most everyday I’m cooking. I love my Hello Fresh it’s given me a new perspective on recipes. I have always been happy with everything that comes in that box. Love my Hello Fresh?

Marsha says:

OHHH my gosh! We are sisters/brothers together when food shopping challenges arise. Smiled at the first 3; laughed by the time I got to 10 and laughed outloud at the next 50. At least 50 1/2 of those listed — been there. Love that mind talk and self-questioning you have with yourself (my lips moving silently I HOPE!) Biggest problem: there is never a TALL person, or anyone even over 5’2″ when I need something on the very top shelf. BUT, I am resourceful. If I can get a toe-hold on the bottom shelf, even if I have to MOVE something … I’m good to go. The minute I drop it in my cart, the aisle is filled with “short” at 5’10”, and the rest push 6’2″ and above. THIS WAS DELIGHTFUL.

Austin says:

When my mom runs to get something while I am awkwardly waiting in line at the cash register. Praying she comes back before I need to interact with anyone.

Jacqueline says:

SO accurate, Austin!

Ralph Hibbard says:

After only one, we are sold on Hello Fresh

Gregory Bruce says:

I am just beginning this HelloFresh adventure. My wife is unable to walk now and I thought this would be a convenient way to shop.

Jacqueline says:

Welcome to the HelloFresh family, Gregory!

Jerri Arriola says:

We became part of the HelloFresh family on June 4, 2016. We loved our first meal so much & then the second meal and the third from that first box. We thought we’d buy every other week or at least two times a month. But honestly for two people it’s far less expensive just to get three meals a week. There is usually enough for me to have a left over the next day for lunch & a lot of times both of us have leftovers for the next days dinner. In any case, we’ve been buying weekly and we are now on our 18th box as of November 12, 2016. The amount of money we are saving is incredible. I absolutely hate going into grocery stores. Besides the fact that there’s never enough people to check you out you literally have to read every label with the finetooth comb.
Mostly I find that going to the grocery stores the customer service is just not what it used to be and there’s never enough help.
That’s another reason why we love Hello Fresh. We pick out our meals the week before and then they’re delivered on Saturday morning. The recipe book is on top and then you got your beautiful boxes marked with the meals you’ve selected and the meat is below the refrigeration cases. They take great pride in their packaging and making sure the food is delivered to you not only on time, but it’s fresh.
The food and the recipes are absolutely delicious and knowing that there’s no toxic chemicals in the meat and the produce is organic and everything we need to prep the meal is in the boxes other than salt, pepper & olive oil. I feel like I am on Master Chef except I don’t have Gordon Ramsay yelling at me while I’m in the kitchen. ?
The meals take 10 minutes to prep & 20 minutes to cook and six simple steps as far as instructions for every recipe most of the time.
The directions are so easy to follow anyone could do this. We are eating things that we have never even tasted before as far as fresh herbs and different spices and honestly they are incredible. The only time I go to the grocery store is to get our breakfast needs & a few other things. So I feel very fortunate that somehow I stumbled onto Hello Fresh. I absolutely cannot praise them enough and they have customers for life as far as we’re concerned. We also thank their customer service because they are absolutely customer service oriented and will go out of their way to help you in anyway that they can.

Karla Buzzell says:

I LOVE HelloFresh because I rarely go to the grocwry store. I can pick up dairy, frozen and canned at local dollar store and fresh at local veggie stand. I save so much money because I don’t do impulsive shopping. Yea HelloFresh!

Jacqueline says:

Yea Karla! Nothing makes us happier than hearing how much money our customers save.

I’m sure I would love Hello Fresh as much as the folks writing here above. Have you ever thought of making up SINGLE person’s meal boxes? I, too, dislike the shopping aspect of cooking, especially when I forget the spice I ran out of last week or the 1% Whipping Cream the recipe requires (I don’t believe there is such a thing as 1%).
Anyhow, I’m sure there’s lots of people cooking for themselves only.

Jordan Schultz says:

Thanks for your feedback, Gary! We’re always looking to improve our product, and we’ll pass your comments along to the team!

Laurie says:

Lmao this is so accurate while I’m thinking about all these things my hubby is thinking I hope no one push there damn cart on my car !!!!!!!!

Jacqueline says:

SO true, Laurie! Those carts are dangerous!!

Eidilia says:

I hate the time warp and the dearth of tall people when you really need them. Why is the honey 7 feet up? How am I supposed to reach that at 4′ 11″? I have 100 reusable shopping bags that I always forget. Since finding Hello Fresh, I’ve signed up with Shipt and for an annual membership fee, other people go grocery shopping for me and bring it to my door. MY. DOOR. No more long lines or spending $80 when you just needed some toilet paper because you have to traipse through the entire store to get it. The combination of these two services have saved my sanity and tons of money.

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