4 Hassle-Free Halloween Dinner Ideas October 23, 2017

by Eat

Thanks to these simple, celebratory recipes, we’re certain that your kitchen will be full of delicious treats and spooky eats this October 31. Order your favorites from next week’s menu and we’ll deliver everything you need to your doorstep.

Halloween dinner ideas-HelloFresh-cavatappi

Perhaps the scariest thing of all? When Halloween falls on a busy weeknight. . . GASP!

Tuesdays may be notoriously jam-packed, but that doesn’t mean getting a home-cooked meal on the table is impossible. Try whipping up these no-stress recipes to fill up on something crave-worthy. Because dinner on Halloween is so much more than fuel for trick-or-treating.

1. Pancetta Penne in a Witch’s Cauldron with Cream Sauce Potion and Pine Nut Vampire Teeth

Halloween dinner ideas-HelloFresh-pancetta penne cauldron

Feast your eyes on this Pancetta Penne in a Witch’s Cauldron with Cream Sauce Potion and Pine Nut Vampire Teeth and enjoy every bewitching bite. The bursts of flavor from the peas balance the subtle pancetta and garlicky pasta. And the whole cauldron bubbles deliciously with a creamy Parmesan cheese sauce.

Order it from our Classic menu here to get all the pre-measured ingredients delivered to your doorstep.

2. Creepy Crawly Tagliatelle Pasta with Goblin’s Nose Mushrooms

Halloween dinner ideas-HelloFresh-veggie

Creamy lemon and herby tarragon blanket the flat noodles in this easy, top-rated pasta dish. Plus, the rich umami of the sliced mushrooms makes this a seriously irresistible treat.

Order it from our Veggie menu here.

3. Phantom Tortelloni Bolognese Buried Under a Panko Gratin Crust

Halloween dinner ideas-HelloFresh-bologneseTangy tomatoes, fragrant basil, and tender spinach are swirled together with cheese-filled tortelloni, then buried as deep as a crypt under a cheesy Parmesan and panko topping. In the Halloween spirit yet? We unearthed this recipe from our Hall of Fame, so rest assured it’ll be delicious.

Order it from our Family menu here.

4. Monster Mac ‘N’ Cheese with Cauliflower Brains and Pancetta Zombie Treats

Halloween dinner ideas-HelloFresh-macaroni

Macaroni and cheese is consistently a surefire win for picky eaters, and this one is even more delicious than usual. It’s got plenty of creamy goodness thanks to béchamel sauce and a blend of Italian cheeses. But there are also cubes of porky pancetta (perfect for pleasing your littlest zombies) as well as brainy cauliflower, which doesn’t just look cerebral but is good for your noggin, too.

Order it from our Family menu here.

Cook ’em on Halloween — or any night the week of October 28-November 3, for that matter. Because let’s be honest — we’ll cheer you on whenever you cook up something this good.

Looking for even more Halloween kitchen inspiration?

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