A Recipe for Smooth Kitchen Moves From Our Friends at FlateRate Moving September 23, 2014

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flatrate top Moving from one kitchen to another is an enormous undertaking. Heck, just switching the garbage can placement can cause weeks of habit-reforming. Switching the entire layout of your appliances, tools and pantry items is intense. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make the transition easier.

Pack Smartly

Use tupperware to pack spices and smaller utensils. That can be loaded into boxes for more efficient transport. Try to fit smaller pots and pans into larger ones, with the appropriate amount of wrapping. Experienced moving companies like FlaRate Moving can offer endless amounts of advice on how to best prep your kitchen contents for a move.

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Learn How to Let Go

I know that the antique meat grinder from the 1950s, passed down lovingly from generation to generation looks cool in your current space. But guess what? You are never going to use it. Put it out with the rest of your unused stuff at the moving sale.

Shop Light

You don’t want to be lugging 100 pounds of canned goods and pantry supplies along with your pots, pans and countertop appliances. Keep the grocery shopping to bare essentials in the two weeks prior to your big move.

Organizing When You Move In

During the moving and packing process, dispose of all those barely used items that have been clogging up your shelves for years. This is a good guide for how to set up and tweak your kitchen for stress-free cooking.

Fixing the Fridge

Organizing your fridge and freezer is integral to having a happy, well-functioning cooking environment at home. And it helps save your back from bending and your energy from expending every time you need to open and stoop. Check out this link for tips on how to keep your perishables performing at their peak.

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