The Secret Ingredient Your Burger’s Been Missing July 3, 2017

by Eat

Some burgers may claim to be the best, but they pale in comparison to next week’s Crispy Cheddar Cheeseburgers thanks to a little something called frico. Although it sounds, looks, and tastes all fancy-schmancy, it’s really just crispy, golden-brown baked cheddar cheese. But shhhh, no one needs to know that.

Before we get into the good stuff, select this anything-but-ordinary burger off the menu to get a taste of the famous frico for yourself.

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How to Make Crispy Fricos in Three Easy Steps:

1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

No parchment paper? No problem. Just be sure to immediately transfer the frico to a plate to cool using a spatula (so it doesn’t stick to the baking sheet).

2. Place cheddar in four even piles.

Even being the key word here! The last thing you want is one frico that’s on the charred side and another that hasn’t crisped up yet.

TIP: The frico in next week’s burgers is a classic, cheese-only version. But if you’re feeling like flexing those culinary muscles, experiment with a pinch of paprika.

3. Bake until melted in the middle and crispy at the edges, 5-7 minutes.

Keep an eye out, though. Every oven is different, so your frico may crisp up faster or require another minute or two.

Now comes the hard part: deciding where to place the frico. Should it go under the tomato? Above it? On top of the caramelized onions? Should it touch the bun? Truth be told, there’s no right or wrong way to layer next week’s burger, but if it were up to our chefs, the frico would sit snugly underneath the tender beef patty and above the juicy tomatoes. This way, every meaty bite would be immediately followed by a crunch of cheddar — putting your plain ‘ol cheeseburger to shame.

Now you could go out and find a recipe, then get all the ingredients to cook a cheddar frico cheeseburger, OR you could let us take care of the annoying bits by selecting this meal from the menu and getting everything you need delivered straight to your doorstep. Hmmmmmm…..

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