Deliciously Simple: Biscotti Recipe October 17, 2015

by Eat

Every day, millions of people buy overpriced, over-processed snacks that could easily be made at home.  As a result, not only will you have a healthier, yummier, and more trusted snack to share with loved ones, but you’ll have learned a new skill and be proud of yourself!  So next time you reach for the coffee shop day-old biscotti, think again.  Think “I can do better.”  You can!  With the help of our partners in the UK, we want to share the ultimate delicious treat to dip in your java.



Do we have your attention?  Nothing better than a warm mug and a cookie!  Now bust out your baking pan because there’s not a moment to waste.  The beauty of this recipe is the sweet and savory concoction of pistachios, rosemary, sugar and cheese.  The traditional biscotti has nothing on this upscale twist.  It even has a bit of a more festive, fall feel, with the deep brown color and hazelnut goodness.  How could you turn it down?


Simple, quick, and impossibly good.  Maybe we can get the kids to opt for this over Oreos?  Maybe not…but you never know!  Try it out and let us know what you think.  What is your favorite cookie?

Happy Cooking!


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