Blood Oranges 101: Everything You Need To Know February 5, 2018

by Eat

Immune boosting, #HelloFreshPics worthy, AND perfect for Valentine’s Day? Count us in. Blood oranges are citrus champs checking all the boxes and shining bright in next week’s Sweetheart’s New York Strip Steak (which you can order now).

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What are blood oranges?

They’re a vibrant, ruby red citrus fruit with deep maroon-colored flesh produced with the help of an antioxidant called anthocyanin. And get this: the fruit has to be exposed to colder temperatures for the color to deepen. Never thought we’d be saying this, but thank goodness for winter!

Anthocyanin starts developing along the edges of the peel before moving inward, which is why the flesh of some blood oranges may have streaks.

What do they taste like?

Blood oranges are slightly more flavorful than regular oranges. Expect a tad bit more sweetness, less acidity, but equal amounts of raspberry-like tartness with only moderate amounts of seeds.

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When are they in season?

December through early April is peak season for these stunning beauts, so in other words… RIGHT NOW.

How do you cook with them?

blood oranges-new-york-strip-steak-Valentine's-Day-HelloFresh

In addition to being an exceptional snack, blood oranges can be tossed into wintery salads, whizzed up into a refreshing cocktail, reduced into a jam, or even cooked down into a deliciously simple sauce to dress up any steak. And given the extra romantic time of year, we’re thinking that last one wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Next week’s Sweetheart’s New York Strip Steak features an all-star lineup of brown sugar mashed sweet potatoes, crispy roasted Brussels sprouts, and deep red, cranberry blood orange sauce. So if you get this recipe delivered, all that’s left to do is break out the candles and get the smooth jams playing.

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