Difference Between Jelly and Jam January 29, 2018

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…and which one we’d rather cook with.

Hint: we can’t get enough of the fig jam that completes next week’s Balsamic Fig Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Mixed Greens. Order it here if your taste buds just tingled.

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They’re sweet, sticky, and absolutely delicious when paired with savory co-stars. They both preserve gems like berries well past their ripest hours, and they both get along great with sugar. But what distinguishes these flavorful treats from one another? It’s all in the fruit.

What makes it jelly?

  • No actual pieces of fruit wind up in jelly, just the fruit juices.
  • The consistency is super smooth, which is why it’s so easy to spread on PB&J.
  • It’s made with gelatin, which tends to counter some of the fruity flavor.

What makes it jam?

  • It has a slightly chunkier consistency thanks to pieces of actual fruit inside.
  • Fibers and seeds will remain in it, too (as long as they’re small enough) and provide more flavor.
  • Try not to confuse it with its cousin marmalade, which calls for citrus fruits specifically.

difference between jelly and jam-HelloFresh-Balsamic Chicken

Best jam dinner recipes

Because a little sweetness goes a long way in the kitchen. And we’d choose all the juicy flavor that jam lends our dinner plates over jelly, any day.

1. Balsamic Fig Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Mixed Greens

We’re big fans of pan sauces because they’re a simple way to add extra flavor to dishes. Here, fig jam, balsamic vinegar, and fresh rosemary are allowed to mingle with the fond from the chicken (that’s the crispy bits and drippings the meat leaves behind after cooking). The result is a sweet and savory condiment that you’ll want to drizzle all over your plate.

Cook it, spread it, and love every bite of it next week.

2. Cranberry Pineapple Pork Chops with a Potato Cauliflower Mash and Green Beans

difference between jelly and jam-HelloFresh-pineapple pork chops

Cranberries and pineapple may seem like opposites. One is associated with New England’s cool climates while the other is most likely to be found at a Hawaiian luau. But when they meet in the middle, the result is a fantastically fruit-ful sauce that tastes amazing on pork. Add a cauliflower and potato mash to the side along with some green beans, and you’ve got a produce-filled meal that’s sure to be a hit in every state.

Get the recipe here.

3. Steak and Potatoes with Sass Drizzled in a Cranberry Balsamic Sauce with Tangy Cabbage on the Side

difference between jelly and jam-HelloFresh-steak and potatoes

Steak, cabbage, and potatoes may seem like a plain Jane sort of combo. Our version, however, is anything but. We’ve given new life to it by introducing a sauce built around balsamic vinegar and soy, which bring savory and tangy intensity—think of it as an intercontinental mashup between Italian and Asian-inspired flavors. And with a sprinkle of fresh rosemary on the potatoes, you also get incredible aromas that leap out from the plate before you even dig in.

Get the recipe here.

4. Cherry-Drizzled Pork Chops with Tomato Couscous Salad

difference between jelly and jam-HelloFresh-cherry pork chops

A cherry on top isn’t just for sundaes; we’re using the fruit to dress savory pork chops in this recipe. You’ll be making a pan sauce that features both dried cherries and cherry jam for double the fruity fun. Make sure to get a little of it on the couscous salad—that sweetness is the perfect complement to the tartness of the lemon and tomatoes that get mixed in.

Get the recipe here.

5. Crantastic Turkey Burgers with Jammy Mayo and a Green Salad

difference between jelly and jam-HelloFresh-turkey burgers

Is anyone else as crazy about Thanksgiving as we are? We’re happy to indulge in November’s favorite foods all year long. You will be, too, after trying this customer favorite from the HelloFresh Hall of Fame. Featuring turkey burgers slathered in cranberry mayo, with a cranberry-studded salad on the side, it’ll make you thankful that tasty flavor combos are always in season.

Get the recipe here.

Now that you know the difference between jelly and jam, get the pre-measured ingredients (we’re looking at you, fig jam) to whip up that Balsamic Fig Chicken we can’t stop raving about.

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