DIY Valentine’s Day Love Coupons February 11, 2016

by Tips & Tricks

Don’t panic but Valentine’s Day is THIS Sunday! Have you forgotten to get a gift for your sweetheart? Don’t worry, HelloFresh has you covered. We are all about homemade presents from the heart, so we thought this year we’d help you create something especially unique for your gift exchange.

Besides the obvious home-cooked dinner (imagined by us, prepped and served by you!), why not add to the evening by sharing some Love Coupons with your honey?


These adorable coupons are just a few examples of some cute passes to share. Download here, or make your own at home! Some more coupon ideas include:

  • 1 Free Back Massage
  • 1 Free Foot Rub
  • 1 Hour of Channel Control on the TV
  • 1 Ice Cream Date (on me!)

They’re fun to make and amazing to receive. Get creative and make them personal! Add coupons into the mix that have content specifically related to your relationship. Does your boyfriend get dragged to brunch with you and your female friends all the time? Maybe he would like a free pass to see the boys for poker while you chat over mimosas. Get creative- you can even design some to give to your parents or your children! Any way you spin it, this one-of-a-kind treat will bring smiles and gratitude far above the typical store-bought gift.


Comment below with your ideas, and let us know how your sweetie liked the surprise!

Maybe you forgot the reservation…but you remembered to get your HelloFresh box! Whip up something in the kitchen and celebrate with a dinner made with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Cooking!


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