This Earth Day & Every Day, HelloFresh is Committed to Sustainability April 22, 2021

by Beyond The Box

At HelloFresh, we understand the powerful positive impact that delivering fresh meals straight to your doorstep can have. With that, we remain extraordinarily mindful of our impact on the planet. This Earth Day, we’re giving you an up-close-and-personal look at our commitment to sustainability.

It’s easy being green with HelloFresh! When you order a box and cook up (and eat—the best part of all) our delicious meals, you can feel good knowing we’re working hard behind the scenes to help protect our planet. This Earth Day, we’re showcasing our important sustainability practices.

We Use Minimal, Mostly Recyclable Packaging

First things first, we’re now partnering with Pratt Industries to introduce cardboard packaging made of 100% post-consumer recycled content. Additionally, our fresh, high-quality ingredients are sent with minimal packaging, and we ship your meals in packaging that’s almost all recyclable, already recycled or both!

Did you know?

  • Our cardboard box is a mix of recycled and virgin fibers, so you can simply fold it and discard with other household recyclables. 
  • Our paper kit bags are recyclable and compostable, and the cardboard separator is 100% approved for curbside recycling. 
  • You can empty the contents of our ice packs into the trash, then recycle the #4 plastic packs. 

Learn more here:

100% Of Our Carbon Emissions Are Offset

We work with TerraPass to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. What exactly is a carbon offset, you ask? It’s kind of like a trade: When you buy an offset, you fund environmental projects around the world that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to balance out your own carbon footprint. Pretty cool!

Our carbon footprint is also 25% lower than that of meals made from store-bought groceries, thanks to a streamlined supply chain and more efficient distribution, which work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a University of Michigan Study*.

Using HelloFresh Produces 25% Less Food Waste

Yep, HelloFresh produces at least 25% less food waste than traditional retail grocery stores according to a HelloFresh Global Food Waste Study and Sustainability Report. We ship just the right amount of everything—AKA only the ingredients you’ll need to cook our delicious meals—to significantly reduce food waste. 

We Choose Green Power

HelloFresh uses nearly 22 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually across our operations. By choosing green power, HelloFresh is helping reduce the negative health impacts of air emissions including those related to ozone, fine particles, acid rain, and regional haze.

For more information on HelloFresh’s sustainable practices, take a look here:

Plus, be sure to check out fun ways to recycle your HelloFresh box.

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