Eating with the Seasons July 25, 2013

by eating-with-the-seasons

Here we are in the thick of summer. School’s still out, the sun is hot, beaches packed to the brim. But we at HelloFresh especially love this time of year because of all the amazing fresh produce that’s in season right now.

If you struggle to get more fresh vegetables on your kids’ (or your) dinner plate, this is the time to take advantage of summer’s offerings. Everything is at its most flavorful and colorful now: berries and peaches are at their sweetest; tomatoes are juicy and rich red. Who wouldn’t find a plate of bright, vibrant vegetables more appealing than the same old, greasy takeout dish?

Luckily, our team of chefs is one step ahead of the game. They’re experts in knowing what produce is in season and creating recipes that will showcase these ingredients in the best way possible.


Zucchini and peppers are in their stride right now and go great together. This week our Superfood Quinoa Salad with Chicken and Roasted Vegetables is chock full of both of these summer favorites. 


Nothing says summer like fresh corn on the cob! Our Soy Glazed Pork with Summer Corn and Potatoes will leave you craving fresh corn in the middle of winter.


Swiss chard might seem a little intimidating if it’s new to you: luscious, green leaves and bright, colorful stems – what to do? But fear not, our Tuscan Swiss Chard with Rice Pilaf is a simple and tasty introduction to this seasonal veggie.

Regardless of the season, HelloFresh has got you covered when it comes to eating what is most fresh and flavorful. So beat the heat at the farmer’s market this summer and be sure to take advantage of all our seasonal and delicious recipe offerings on tap!

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