Every Sandwich Way July 21, 2013

by every-sandwich-way

Ah, the sandwich, quite possibly one of the best meals ever invented. Easy, versatile, and universal across all cultures (arepas, panini, banh mi, the list goes on). Okay, so maybe peanut butter & jelly isn’t the ideal meal past the age of 10 (though we certainly won’t judge the occasional PB&J). But thankfully, our team of HelloFresh chefs are here to continue to reinvent the humble sandwich into gourmet and sophisticated meals.  This week, we’re thinking outside the meal box ahem box, with a few “sandwiches” that will leave you ditching the corner deli in favor of our fresh, healthful, and delicious dishes.

Our Greek Lamb Pitas with Cucumber-Yogurt Salsa are a fresh twist on the average ‘wich. With lots of fresh veggies and herbs, like cherry tomatoes, red onions, and mint, this a light and healthy dinner for hot summer nights. The cooling cucumber-yogurt salsa is the perfect pairing with the savory lamb.

Though more of an interpretive take on the traditional sandwich, our Roasted Pepper and Mixed Bean Fajitas are sure to be a hit at the dinner table. We think the assorted peppers with beans, wrapped up in a in a flour tortilla certainly constitutes as a “sandwich”! And who doesn’t love a hands-on approach to dinner when you can assemble and roll up your own fajitas to your liking?

If we haven’t convinced you already of the many merits of sandwiches, whether it’s a pita or a fajita, be sure to try these two recipes out for delivery this week!

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