Get Your Freekeh On! September 9, 2015

by Eat

If you ordered the Freekeh salad this week, you are either adventurous or a very cultured and savvy chef (don’t worry, you can be both.  We are DEFINITELY both).  Experiencing something new is exciting and a big part of our mission here. We love mixing it up in the kitchen and what better way than to introduce an ingredient most of us have never heard of?

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This green grain is so much more than a funny name (that the kids will love to shout while you’re cooking!).  Here are some fun facts to note while you explore one of this week’s yummiest recipes:

  • Freekeh has similar nutritional benefits to other cereal foods.  It has a low glycemic index, is naturally low in sodium, and contains 3x more fiber and protein than brown rice!
  • It’s unique production process involves roasting, one of the main differences it holds over other grains and has a nutty, chewy texture
  • It was an accident!  About 2,000 years ago, a field of grain caught on fire and farmers discovered that after discarding the charred outer layers, the inside was deliciously smoked.
  • Freekeh has Arab roots, and is associated with Middle Eastern and North African cultures.  In Arabic, Freekeh means “to rub.”  This name came from the process the founders used to prep the grain and remove outer char.


To discover the taste yourself, either enjoy our in-box recipe this week buy some at your local grocery and explore our archive for ways to prepare it.  Happy Cooking!

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