Happy World Health Day! April 7, 2016

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In honor of World Health Day, HelloFresh is going CRAZY in the test kitchen! Whipping up healthy alternatives to classic dishes to pass along to you is our favorite past time. Would you believe there’s a whole day dedicated to it? Ironically enough, it’s also National Burrito Day….but we’ll pretend that’s tomorrow.

For today, let us remind you that our blog is filled with test kitchen concoctions that are yummy AND wholesome. Check out our gluten-free recipes, amazing smoothies, and our “healthy hacks” to keep the health theme going year round!


As you probably already know, cooking at home is the easiest way to take control of your health. Knowing what goes in to your dinner is half the battle! Ordering from a restaurant, getting takeout, or eating at a friends leaves too much up to mystery. How much oil, butter, and salt went into that delicious meal? With HelloFresh, cooking at home is easier than ever, which means so is keeping healthy! Trust us, your body will thank you!

For other delicious tips on how to keep yourself on track in your day to day life, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest for our latest health hacks.

Happy Cooking!

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