Giving the Classics a Makeover January 19, 2014

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Sometimes there’s nothing as satisfying as good ol’ comfort food. Problem is, comfort food usually isn’t the healthiest of options. Heavy, creamy sauces, lots and lots of carbs – sounds delicious, right? Duh, that’s why we love it. But rather than saving comfort foods for something to “splurge” on, why not find ways to make them a bit healthier, so you can enjoy your favorite foods without the guilt? Here are a few of our favorite comfort foods that we’re giving a “healthy makeover” just in time for next week’s menu!


Pasta with Bolognese >> Tomato Garlic Ragu with Spaghetti. Don’t let a heavy bolognese sauce weigh you down. We lighten up this Italian classic by tossing in some zucchini with the sauce and basil for some nice freshness.


Creamy Risotto >> Sweet Potato and Barley Risotto with Sauteéd Broccoli Rabe. We ditch arborio rice in favor of whole grains with barley. Sweet potato adds great color and sweetness in contrast to the slightly spicy and bitter broccoli rabe.


Eggplant Parmesan >> Stuffed Eggplant Gratin over Herby Bulgur Wheat. Breaded and fried eggplant, topped with mozzarella cheese, and served over pasta is undeniably good, but scores pretty poorly on the health factor. Instead, we stuff eggplant with fresh vegetables top it off with a light and crunchy, cheesy panko crust (we can’t sacrifice too much on the flavor!) and serve it over hearty and healthy bulgur wheat, rather than white pasta.

Now go on and treat yourself!

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