HelloFresh Celebrates World Oceans Day With Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch June 8, 2018

by Behind the Scenes

HelloFresh has always been committed to providing customers environmentally responsible seafood (both wild-caught and farm-raised). But last year, we made it official by partnering with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® and are excited to celebrate on today of all days… World Oceans Day!


What does this partnership mean?

By joining forces with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch®, we pledge to identify and communicate source information on all product listings and provide accurate Seafood Watch information to all customers. We strive to only source ocean-friendly seafood rated Best ChoiceGood Alternative, or Eco-certified by trusted, independent programs, such as BAP, ASC, and MSC. Additionally, we partner with FIPs that help advance fisheries towards sustainable operations.

  • Best Choice: Caught or farmed in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife
  • Good Alternative: Still recommended, but with some room for improvement
  • Eco-Certified: Seafood that meets Seafood Watch’s stringent standards for sustainability and traceability. The only difference? It’s set by external organizations, independent fisheries, or aquaculture operations.

But wait – it gets better! HelloFresh will also work with Seafood Watch to ensure the seafood supply chain is fully traceable and socially responsible.

Why is this important?

By collaborating with Seafood Watch, HelloFresh promotes its awareness about growing public concern with how our seafood choices affect the world’s fish populations and the impact of seafood production on ocean health. Because while it may seem like there are “plenty of fish in the sea,” that’s not actually the case. 90% of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited, over-exploited, or completely collapsed due to overfishing, lack of effective management, and our own consumption habits. In fact, over the past decade, Atlantic populations of halibut and yellowtail flounder reached an all-time low. And cod? Completely collapsed since the early 1900s.

Needless to say, sourcing sustainable seafood is important. Really important. Because when it comes to dinnertime, we don’t mess around. Our seafood recipes are the real deal.

1. Wasabi Zinger Salmon over Jasmine Rice and Green Beans


Wasabi may be better known as the green spicy stuff that comes with sushi, but it can be used in so many more ways. In this recipe, the horseradish paste is blended into a mixture of lime and sour cream, creating a sauce for salmon that’s equal parts tangy, zesty, and exhilarating. The fish is served with sesame green beans and scallion rice on the side, resulting in a meal that combines Asian-style flavors with classic and simple techniques. Get the recipe here.

2. Scallops Over Truffled Mushroom Risotto with a Brown Butter Herb Sauce


Talk about a powerhouse: every element of this recipe goes above and beyond in fitting in as much lush, decadent flavor as can be contained on a plate. It starts with scallops, pan-seared until they’re gloriously golden and tender. They’re perched on top of a mushroom risotto, which has some seriously luxuriant overtones thanks to the addition of truffle oil. A drizzle of brown butter sauce ties everything together in nutty, rich splendor—one bite, and you’ll be hooked. Get the recipe here.

3.  Shrimp and Zucchini Ribbons with Basil Oil over Jasmine Rice


When sliced thinly, raw zucchini can provide all the fresh crispness of a salad while also holding the fresh flavors of a citrus marinade. Which is why it’s perfect for this recipe, bringing a cool contrast to the chili-accented shrimp and warm jasmine rice. It even gets an additional boost from an infused basil olive oil, which creates a wave of herby aromatics. Get the recipe here.

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Andrea says:

This is great news!

Bobby says:

Great decision by Hello Fresh to source species and environmentally safe seafood.

Nia says:

Don’t forget scallops. Scallops please ease 😀

Tahla says:

Is there any chance of a pescatarian box?

Jacqueline says:

Tahla – currently we don’t offer a pescatarian box. However, we’re always looking to improve and will be sure to pass this along to our culinary team.

Merrill Turner says:

Thank you for your concern about the health of our oceans!

Lauire says:

Is all of your sea food wild caught. I refuse to eat farm raised fish and if not wild caught do you let people know that it is farm raised.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Laurie! Jordan here, from our community team. Our seafood is a combination of wild-caught and sustainably raised.

Rob Coble says:

Is the salmon wild caught? I have some of your salmon here but I want to know before I decide if I am going to cook it.

Jordan Schultz says:

That varies by location, week and certain other factors. Part of this Monterey partnership means that we are making choices based on sustainability guidelines. That means that if wild-caught salmon are overfished at the moment, sustainably farmed salmon would rank higher.

Evelyn O'Connor says:

I have recommended in the past utilize pearl couscous or quinoa, bulgur or red rice. much more appetizing. Just saying.

Jacqueline says:

Thanks for the tip, Evelyn! We’ll definitely pass this along to our culinary team. They’re always looking to improve and experiment with new ingredients.

Gweneta Borden says:

This is great news! However, just would like you to know that I only eat fishes that a kosher.

Jordan Schultz says:

We’ll pass that along to our team, Gweneta!

cheryl says:

I think this is WONDERFUL! I don’t eat fish because 20 years ago I heard a spokesperson from the Shedd Aquarium speak at length about how our oceans are empty due to over fishing.

I am behind you 100%.

Ellen Weeks says:

Sounds like a great idea! Those of us away from coastal markets will appreciate that option!

Valerie Franklin says:

THANK YOU! As a long-time subscriber, I want to thank you for teaming up with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to select sustainable seafood options, and all your efforts to choose sustainable meats and products. When I open the box every week, I read every label to see where it has come from and what is in it. Thanks again, it makes our decisions easier!

Jacqueline says:

Only the best ingredients for the HelloFresh family!! We’re so happy to hear how much you’ve been loving HelloFresh, Valerie 🙂

Denise Bell says:

Soooo appreciate your commitment to sustainable fisheries!

Lisa says:

As long as we get seafoods other than cod and salmon I’m happy… Yuck. Keep the shrimp coming, would love to see things like scallops in boxes

Jacqueline says:

Duly noted, Lisa!! We’ll pass this along to the culinary team.

I am sharing HelloFRESH with my patients.

I have shared Hello Fresh with many of my patients.

Jordan Schultz says:

Jordan from the community team, here. That’s amazing to hear! Thanks for sharing the love!

Linda says:

Thanks we love fish!!!

Jacqueline says:

We’re with you, Linda!

Fatima Azam says:

Hi! I’m still learning about HelloFRESH.I’ve seen u have Moroccan food ,I’m from Kashmiri,Pakistan and I was wondering by chance ,do u have any eastern,Asian meals?I love most food’s moreover I’m accustomed to PKistan food.TbankYou! And I’m hopefull to be a Hello FRESH customer soon.
Warmest wishes,
Fatima Azam

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Fatima! We regularly offer recipes inspired by cultures around the world. Check out upcoming offerings here: http://hellofresh.com/menus

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