Maluku Islands – The Spice Islands October 25, 2012

by hellofreshcooks-have-been-spicing-things-up-this

HelloFreshcooks have been spicing things up this week with Maluku Island Chicken Pilau. The dish featured several spices that originate from the Maluku Islands – otherwise known as the Spice Islands.

Part of Indonesia, the Maluku Islands are covered with mountains, rainforests, and a wide variety of luxurious spices. The islands were originally the only source for valuable spices, such as nutmeg, cloves and mace, which drew many foreign countries to the region.

Chinese merchants had long sought out the islands in search of the rare spices and attempted to keep the location hidden from other countries. Eventually, Portuguese sailors happened upon the islands, thus beginning years of European battle for control of the area. These spice wars continued on well into the 20th century until Indonesia gained its independence in 1950, and Maluku became one of the nations first provinces.

While spices are now grown and traded throughout the world, the Maluku Islands will always be recognized as the original source for exceptional flavors that pack a powerful punch.

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