We Love the Basics October 23, 2012

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Here at HelloFresh, we are passionate about cooking. We believe in fresh, quality foods and easy, delicious recipes. No fancy gadgets or tools in our kitchen. Just a few trusty basics that we rely on to help create unforgettable meals.

Basics, like a wooden spoon.

There’s something about a wooden spoon that just screams “home cooked meal.” The utensil’s rustic look evokes thoughts of warm soups and homemade sauces. But did you know that the benefits of cooking with a wooden spoon over one made of plastic or metal extend beyond aesthetics?

Wood is a nonconductive material, meaning that the spoon won’t burn your hand as you stir – even if you leave it in the pan. Not only that, but wooden spoons feel much more comfortable to hold than their metal or plastic counterparts. The material is more pliable and forms to your hand, so you can stir and mix to your hearts content!

Wooden spoons also play nice with others. They don’t scratch the bottoms of nonstick pans and have rounder edges that can be gentler on fragile foods. And who wants a metallic taste added to their dish? Metal spoons can react with a food’s acidity, altering the taste. Not a problem with one made of wood!

So toss out your old metal spoon and invest in a nice new wooden friend. We’re sure you’ll notice a difference the next time you’re cooking your newest HelloFresh creation!

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