How to Cook Squash October 31, 2016

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Listen up: it’s time to squash any and all fears you have about cooking with squash. Because despite their tough skins, rough stems, and hefty weight, there’s nothing but creamy sweetness waiting for you on the inside. Discover the subtle flavor differences between our favorite varieties as well as how to cook squash below. There’s even a few recipes thrown in there at the end to get you cooking! 


Come autumn, pumpkins get all the love. They’re carved, pureed into soups, baked into pies, and infused into our favorite coffee drinks. They’re the real MVPs during the Halloween hype, and we totally understand why. But what most people don’t realize is that this bright orange fruit (yes, it is technically a fruit) is just one member of a larger winter squash family. Our beloved pumpkin has a whole slew of sweet and nutritionally dense gourd siblings out there begging for your attention. So go ahead — share the love. You’ll be so glad you did.

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Now that you’re a squash expert, it’s time to get cooking! White chefs hat, optional.

1. Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto with Feta and Pepitas


Roasted butternut squash, earthy sage, and tangy feta join forces for the ultimate autumnal comfort meal.

2. Pan-Seared Steak with Roasted Butternut Squash and Green Beans Almondine


We don’t know what it is about the combination of roasted butternut squash, tender seared steak, and crisp green beans, but it works. It definitely works.

3. Forbidden Rice Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash, Pistachios, and Arugula


Legend has it this deep purple, nutty rice was eaten exclusively by emperors of China. Whether or not that’s true, there’s one thing we know for certain. It tastes heavenly when accompanied by creamy butternut squash, peppery arugula, crunchy pistachios, and a sweet honey vinaigrette.

Keep an eye out for another squash we adore, delicata, on the menu the second week of November. (Hint hint: it’s stuffed with quinoa, topped with creamy feta, and SO delish.)

In the meantime, find out why we also love acorn squash. A lot.

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