Keep Cool in the Kitchen July 14, 2013

by keep-cool-in-the-kitchen

Happy summer and welcome to the HelloFresh blog! Whether you’re already a member of the HelloFresh family, just getting started, or in need of some cooking inspiration and tips, you’ve come to the right place!  We’ll be posting weekly, so be sure to check back on the regular for the latest and greatest from the HelloFresh team!

Now that July 4th is over, the true dog days of summer are upon us. No one wants to schlep it to and from the grocery store, heavy bags in tow, in these scorching temps. Not to mention that ordering takeout every night isn’t the healthiest option when spending your weekends on the beach in a bathing suit… If you’re already part of the HelloFresh family, you know what a lifesaver our meal delivery is this time of year! We can all use some extra help when it comes to saving time and maximizing your summer fun, so here are some tips to keep you cool as a cucumber in the kitchen this season…

Say goodbye heavy meat dishes and hearty stews (for now). We all love comfort food, but summer is the time to embrace lighter fare and all of the fresh vegetables the season has to offer. Our chefs are constantly creating new recipes to help you take advantage of summer’s gorgeous produce and introduce you to new ingredients.

Choose proteins that cook quickly, like fish, shrimp or chicken. HelloFresh has got you covered here. Our Panko Crusted Salmon with Sweet Potato Mash and Crispy Brussels Sprouts for delivery next week cooks up in a jiffy!


Save the leftovers! Don’t waste leftover food, bring it for lunch the next day – it will save you that much more time when rushing to head out the door the next morning.

Prep all of your ingredients before turning on the heat. If all of your vegetables and proteins are chopped and ready to go beforehand, dinner will pull together in no time.

If all else fails, keep a bottle of wine chilled and at the ready for any and all summer cooking needs!

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