Mindful Eating February 20, 2014

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How many times have you eaten a meal in front of a computer or TV screen without any idea whether you actually enjoyed the meal or how hungry you are. We are definitely guilty of this. Hopefully your HelloFresh meals give you an opportunity to truly sit down and enjoy a meal, but for some extra help our nutritionist Rebecca is here today to talk about mindful eating.

What are you truly hungry for?  This is a question that strikes us all differently.  Knowing the difference can help to curb unwanted cravings and extra calories.  When you are “stomach hungry” you are feeding a growling stomach which is trigged by hunger and indicates that you are low on energy.  When you are “emotionally hungry” you are feeding a feeling trigged by emotions which may indicated that you are bored, sad, depressed, or even excited.

A way of dealing with emotional eating, is thru a principle called mindful eating.  In general, mindful eating balances how you eat with what you eat.  Mindful eating can help you cope with chronic eating problems such as anorexia or bulimia and reduce anxious thoughts about your food and body.  According to Dr. Susan Albers, the five cornerstones of this way of eating include:

Observe: Notice your body;  low energy, stressed, satisfied, full, empty

Aware: Tasting vs. Mindless munching

Savor: Notice the texture, aroma, and flavor

In-the-moment: Be fully present.  When you eat – just eat!

Non-judgment: Speak mindfully and compassionately.  Notice when rigid rules or guilt pop into your mind.

Remember, if you find that you are in need of something besides food, do things to keep your mind occupied –go for a walk or bike ride, read a book, watch a movie or call a friend.

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