National Burger Day Is a Very Important Holiday. Here’s How To Celebrate. May 28, 2021

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We know, we know—another Food Day. But this isn’t the obscure “Who comes up with this stuff?” kind of observance. This day is one you’ll want to prepare for. While we can’t make sure you get paid vacation for National Burger Day, we can provide some delicious ways to celebrate. 

Burgers, stacked high with toppings and sandwiched between squishy buns, are the most beloved summer food for good reason. The classic beef patty with yellow cheese, tomato, lettuce, and ketchup is simple and tasty. It gets the job done. It’s expected. But this is a holiday, no? Holidays deserve decadence. They deserve festivity. 

Below, we’re revealing our ‘special sauce,’ aka our secret equation for making any burger 150x (a scientific number) more awesome. That, plus 3 recipes that follow the equation inspired by a few of our favorite dishes, is sure to satisfy all your burger hopes and dreams. All you need to bring? Your ground meat and buns of choice! BTW, we would never throw shade to the classic restaurant burger—it’s classic for a reason!—that’s why we’re also sharing a Takeout Favorite burger from the HelloFresh archives. So fire up the grill (or your fave nonstick pan), make some oven fries (you know you want to), and let’s get stacking.

The following is our Perfect Burger Equation (patent pending). Use this to customize your own creation, or follow along with our fun and delicious suggestions. FYI, this will yield 4 burger, but you can easily halve, double, or triple it depending on who’s coming over!

1 lb Meat + 1 TBSP Seasoning + 1 cup Cheese + ½ cup Sauce + 1 cup Topping + 4 Buns

Elote Burgers

elote burger recipe

Inspired by grilled Mexican street corn (aka Elote), these burgers will light up your taste buds like a freakin’ pinball machine. They’re spicy, earthy, creamy, crunchy, tangy, and corny (the good kind, of course). BTW, no need to try and melt the cotija—it’s crumbly and salty and totally delicious piled on top right before devouring.

  • Seasoning: Chili Powder
  • Cheese: Cotija
  • Sauce: Equal parts Mayo & Sour Cream + a Squeeze of Lime Juice + a Dash of Hot Sauce
  • Topping: Crushed Corn Chips or Fritos

Greek Salad Burgers

greek salad burger recipe

These beachy burgers boast refreshing Mediterranean flavors. Because you won’t be melting the feta, feel free to either crumble it or cut into thin slices—whatever your heart desires. Plus, if you want to really lean into the Greek salad vibes, you can also pile on fresh dill, sliced pepperoncini, or crumbled pita chips. Psst—try these guys with a base of ground lamb for a mind-blowingly delicious burger experience.

  • Seasoning: Oregano
  • Cheese: Feta
  • Sauce: Kalamata Olive Tapenade
  • Topping: Chopped Cucumber + Tomato + Red Onion Dressed in a Splash of Red Wine Vinegar

Lasagna Burgers

Yep, we created a handheld version of lasagna in burger form. While we’re not including boiled pasta, we are including our most favorite aspects: creamy ricotta, warm marinara sauce, and crunchy Parm frico (our ode to the corner piece). Feel free to stir chopped fresh basil or parsley (or even some sautéed spinach!) into your ricotta. Pro tip: Turn your buns into garlic bread by brushing the cut sides with garlic butter and toasting in a pan until golden and crunchy. You can thank us later.

  • Seasoning: Italian Seasoning + a Pinch of Nutmeg
  • Cheese: Ricotta
  • Sauce: Warm Marinara
  • Topping: Parm Frico

Last but definitely not least, don’t skip our Takeout Favorite Special Sauce House Burgers—basically, our chefs’ riff on the classic restaurant burger with toasted potato buns, juicy beef patties, melty cheddar cheese, griddled onion, sliced tomato, and an extra-special sauce studded with pickled onion. There’s also a side of garlic potato wedges, because how could we not?!

Now that you’re all set with your burgers, why not jazz up your hot dogs, too? Check out these 8 Hot Dog Topping Recipes You Need To Try This Summer!

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