Piece of Pie November 14, 2015

by Eat

Oh my PIE we have excellent news.  You guessed it, we’re making pie.   ‘Tis the season, right?  So this year, when you’re trying to decide what to bring to your in-laws for Thanksgiving, or even just trying to impress friends and delight them with a yummy treat, know that HelloFresh has got your back.  Think outside the (HelloFresh) box- we’re so much more than dinner.


You should never trust someone who doesn’t like pie!  Anyone opposed to sweet filling and deliciously flake crust simply must be up to something evil.  So just to weed out who in your family needs a stern talking to, we’re going to hit them with this concoction:  Lattice Apple and Blackberry Pie.  Between the yummy fruity filling and woven pattern crust, this will be hard to resist for even those that claim they’re not “pie people” (like those exist).   The best part is that while the resulting dessert looks incredibly impressive and complicated, this recipe is actually really easy to put together.

HF151029_Blog_Apple-Pie_3912_high (1)

As the season dictates, we are trying our hardest to put apples in EVERYTHING.  Of course Apple Pie on Thanksgiving and anytime in the fall seems to be a given, but our special berry twist makes for a unique addition.  And fruit makes it healthy, right?  RIGHT.




Nothing says holidays quite like pie- Happy Cooking!

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