On The Menu Next Week: Rachael Ray’s Grilled Buffalo Chicken June 12, 2017

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You’re about to go on a delicious mission in support of the fight against AIDS with author, daytime host, philanthropist, and this week’s leading lady in our partnership with (RED): Rachael Ray.

She’s cooking her Grilled Buffalo Chicken with Carrot Celery Slaw and Mashed Taters on Facebook Live next Tuesday, 6/20, from the HelloFresh test kitchen. Order it, tune in, and bring your appetite.

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She’s not just the mastermind behind 30 Minute Meals, or the wordsmith who coined EVOO for extra virgin olive oil. She’s also the (RED) Culinary Ambassador behind this hearty, flavorful, grilled buffalo chicken recipe and its creamy, crunchy sides.

Featuring a crisp carrot celery slaw, creamy mashed potatoes, and chicken breasts coated in a sauce that’s positively (RED) hot, it’s got all the elements of a dinner classic done right.

There are lots of reasons to cook and enjoy this recipe, but here are five that simply can’t be ignored.

1. It puts the grilled in buffalo chicken

Most buffalo chicken is deeply, deliciously fried, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This particular recipe, however, makes a juicy buffalo chicken that’s balanced enough to ward off the anticipated food coma that usually follows those fried foods. Savor every bite from start to finish with this buffalo sauce’s combination of hot sauce, butter, and a whole lot of love.

2. It comes with a carroty crunch

No protein makes a delicious dinner on its own, so look to the carrot celery slaw for a refreshing, crispy side that blends seamlessly with the flavorful chicken. This shredded side salad’s light white wine vinegar/olive oil dressing adds just the right touch of bite.

Plus, you’ll have leftover white wine vinegar to use in a homemade vinaigrette, macaroni salad, or barbecue sauce.

3. It celebrates taters

Say it loud, say it proud. Mashed taters bring the soft, creamy texture to the dish with savory scallion accents and some bright sour cream highlights. The forkfuls of fluffy potatoes you make will be undeniable comfort food, so taste freely and let it warm your side-dish-loving soul.

4. It packs some heat

You can always expect a kick of spice when it comes to buffalo chicken, but this particular buffalo chicken recipe includes Frank’s RedHot® hot sauce for a certifiable flame.

Cook with it to taste if you’re shy around hotter foods, and keep leftover sauce handy to flavor omelettes, Brussels sprouts, or even a slice of pizza. Just a dash will add some delicious adventure to the plate.

5. It supports (RED)’s fight against AIDS

There’s nothing more satisfying than a simple recipe that makes a difference in the world. Thanks to our friends at (RED), cooking Rachael’s grilled buffalo chicken recipe means helping to support the fight against AIDS. Eat it with a loved one, spread the word, and join us as we work towards a generation born HIV-free.

Order Rachael’s recipe before Thursday, 6/15, to make it alongside her in our Facebook Live on 6/20. Celebrity chef tips and guidance while we cook? Count us in.

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