Rainbow Salad March 12, 2016

by Our Recipes

Just as our Registered Dietitian Rebecca Lewis always says, “Eat the rainbow!” No, we don’t mean the candy (as tempting as that sounds)! Making sure your plate is bright and colorful is a quick and easy check that you’re eating relatively healthy. Think about the colors of fruits and vegetables versus starches and fatty meats! When your dish represents every shade of the rainbow, chances are you’re getting valuable nutrients and vitamins while enjoying a beautiful meal.


Now we’re making it easier than every to brighten up your plate and get your “five-a-day.” Just try out this delicious Rainbow Salad recipe and either serve it up as the main course tonight or start your meal with it to curb your appetite and keep healthy. Have a spiralizer? Even better, bust it out! Shredding veggies is twice as fast and easy, and the end result will be that much more beautiful.



Red cabbage, roughly cut into shreds

Carrots, grated (long like a spiralizer)

Thinly sliced radishes


Bulgur wheat, cooked in stock and cooled


Beet, thinly sliced

Garnish – colourful bean sprouts

Dressing: soy sauce, honey and rice vinegar


Next step? Take to Instagram and post your salad! We love to see your works of art brighten up our page. Happy Cooking!

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